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If the human brain is hard-wired to respond to music, music education should be granted more prominence in public schools.

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

This semester you will select a movie of at least 90 minutes in length relating to some topic we have studied in Western Civilization. This encompasses a period of 3500 BCE to the 16th century CE, and includes any culture or civilization in the western world. I am including a list of possible selections below, but if I have missed your favorite historical film, or if you have another idea, please feel free to ask if it is eligible to review and analyze.

Approved movies:

Braveheart (1995)

The Message (1976)

Agora (2009)

Spartacus (1960)

The Lion in Winter (1968)

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

1492: The Conquest of Paradise (1992)

Anonymous (2011)

Robin Hood (2010)

Quest for Fire (1981)

Ben-Hur (1959)

Elizabeth (1998)

A Man for All Seasons (1966)

King Arthur (2004)

El Cid (1961)

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999)

Henry V (1989)

Gladiator (2000)

Rob Roy (1995)

Alexander (2004)

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

Queen Margot (1994)

Luther (2003)

Once you choose your movie, take the following steps:

Watch your movie and take some notes. Focus on the major characters, historical setting, sequence of action and major plot points. Then, begin your research. Are all the characters in the movie ‘real’ or are some fictional? Have the real characters been embellished or are they portrayed accurately? Are major events represented based on what is known from the historical record? What about costumes, weapons, food and shelter? What is the theme and point of the whole movie?

After you have considered these questions, begin writing your review. Start with a paragraph synopsis and details of cast, production and any other pertinent information. Then devote the body of your paper (at least 3 to 4 long paragraphs) to an analysis of content. Is your movie historically accurate about people, events and dates? If so, describe. If not, explain how it strays from the historical record. Finally, in a concluding paragraph examine why the producers of the movie might have made the choices they did. The last page of your review should be a bibliography of the sources you consulted to write your paper. It must be in MLA format, have at least 5 sources, and may not include Wikipedia.

The paper must include:

an introductory paragraph of movie title, cast, subject, dates, language (if not English) and producers
a two to three page review and analysis comparing the movie to what is known of historical facts
a concluding paragraph reflecting on why the movie altered the historical record, and for what benefit
an MLA bibliography of at least 5 sources
The paper should be titled and double-spaced with your name in the upper right-hand corner of the first page.

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Paper instructions:

The concept of this paper is based on movie called inside job 2010

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper instructions:

I am sure most of you have already seen the video below called the Evolution of Dance posted to YouTube back in 2006 (if you haven't, view it now). It became one of the most watched videos on the internet generating 70 million views in the first eight months. Today, over ten years later, it has nearly 300 million views. If you have seen this video I want you to go back and watch it again, but this time watching it through a different lens -- as a phenomenon of the Postmodern condition.

As you watch the video think back to the ideas we have discussed in regard to Postmodernism: hard truth vs. soft truth, pluralism, references to the past, varied stylistic approaches, varied artistic media, the conflation of high/low culture, and Postmodern's paradoxical nature. Think about the differences we discussed in regard to Modernism and Postmodernism -- how modernists attempted to operate outside of culture while postmodernists were happy to work within it. Also, think about the Postmodern dilemma we discussed where forms of mass media have the potential to engage diverse modes of thought while simultaneously having the potential of standardizing thought among diverse groups of people.

After viewing the video I want you to discuss possible ways in which this video represents the Postmodern condition. To help get you started you may want to approach the question from one of two ways.

For the first option, you can focus your analysis on the content of the video and how it relates to aspects of Postmodernism like references to the past.
For the second option, you can focus your analysis on the nature of YouTube in general discussing how the fact that anyone can post and disseminate content. How does the viral nature of YouTube and the internet in general relate to the concepts we discussed in regard to Postmodernism and mass media.

Your response should be specifically describing how the video relates to key aspects of Postmodernism.

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Paper instructions:

Write a paper about a Firm analysis of NETFLIX

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Paper instructions:

Keep in mind that, depending on your response, you should cite specific evidence from Kelly's First Nights, the reading guides, or any of the unit's audio/visual materials to support your response. 

1. Compare the career of an early seventeenth-century artist like Monteverdi with that of a twentieth- or twenty-first-century musician (your choice). Consider their activities, status, position in society, etc. Be specific. For the twenty-first part of your question, be sure to think broadly: what is the role of producers, record labels, etc. in the career of the artist you choose? 

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Paper instructions:

Watch: Thelma and Louise or The Piano AND

Fried Green Tomatoes OR 
 OR Ballad of Little Jo OR

The Kids are All Right
 OR Blue is the Warmest Color OR Tangerine OR Carol

For EACH of these two films, compare and analyze them using the following format.  You should reference the textbook reading at least once for each log in #1, 2, or 4.  

In a couple sentences, why are these movies important to discuss in a women studies course on women in the movies? What does this movie say about how society views women, gender, race, class, ability, size, sexual identity, age?
Describe 2-3 details from each film that connect to class concepts. (DO NOT write a synopsis or summary of the film.) These should be details that stand out in the context of the topics you have read about, interesting aspects of filming, captivating character moments, etc. Spend at least one full paragraph on these details (only 1 paragraph total not 1 for each detail/film).
How did you respond to these films? Why? (This is where you get to say, “I loved it.” “I hated it.” “I cried.” Just don’t forget to say why!) How has your viewing changed since being in this class? 1-2 sentences.
What techniques do the writer/director/actors/cinematographer/editor/etc use that are unique or striking in this film? How did this affect gender (or race/class/ability/size/sexual identity/age/etc.) How could you use these techniques in your own filmmaking work? (Imagine!)

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Paper instructions:

  1. What is Knittel’s thesis? In other words, what is she trying to prove in this essay? It might help to separate out the questions that motivated her essay and what she argues. There is a lot of historical detail in her essay; if you have a good sense of her goal before you dive in, the reading will be a lot more straight­forward. 
    2. What are the central features of the Beethoven myth? 
    6. Why was the perceived organic unity of Beethoven’s works such an important metaphor in a German nationalist context? 
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Paper instructions:

For this written assignment, you are asked to submit a 3-page (double-spaced) paper in APA format that summarizes and critiques the accuracy of how memory is depicted in the movie "Memento". 

The objective of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to think actively and independently about the nature of memory, as revealed through experimental research. 

Your assignment is to serve as a memory expert who has been called upon to review the movie Memento (2000). Your task is to write a review of the movie that highlights three characteristics of memory that are explicitly depicted in the film (Note: The movie depicts many more than three characteristics of memory; you should choose the three that you would like to write about).        

Importantly, for each of the three characteristics you discuss, you should:

- describe the form of memory, the memory process, or the characteristic of memory that is depicted;
- critically evaluate whether the depiction is accurate or inaccurate, stating exactly what the director got right or wrong;
- provide experimental evidence from the literature discussed in class and/or in the readings that supports your evaluation.

Link to website explaining meaning of the movie "Memento":

Link to website explaining Memento:

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  1. Why is Robert Gardner’s cinema “sensory cinema”? Explain what “sensory cinema” is and how it applies to Gardners cinema style. In which way is Gardner, like Vertov, integrating fragments of experiences into thematic reality, or in Vertov the sense of “film reality/truth”. (1page)

A sensory cinema is an enjoyable cinema which is watched by people in safe environments. It is described as the one involving scientific principles, fiction and technology in its making. Robert Gardner uses Sensory cinema in observing ways in which the community is crude in its ways though pretending to be right. He shows how the crude behavior of the community which he has observed for some time. Vertov also shows how the community has hidden the bad virtues. Sensory cinemas are therefore used to show how different communities hide the bad virtues (Ruby, 2000). Sensory cinemas are at times referred to as observation cinemas since they are used to observe and criticize the bad virtues of different societies. People continue to do their businesses without necessarily seeing the cameras which at the end of it all captures the activities of the people. The anthropologic sensory cinemas are used to describe human feeling towards the particular society. It portrays the reality and sometimes imagination and observations. Robert Gardner found sensory cinemas useful after his anthropological research to show how cultural aspects affect people living in the society (Ruby, 2000). The cinemas as portrayed by Gardner are used to show cultural activities, importance of culture and cultures which have disappeared and reasons for the disappearance. They are used to capture ideas of those anthropologists on how to maintain the cultures. The sensory cinemas film different cultures and show importance of cultural diversity. This is seen in Vertov work that shows the effectiveness of culture and ways of reducing conflicts in the society. Sensory cinemas are therefore important in many universities as they spread cultural diversity (Ruby, 2000). Sensory films are used to show sensitivity of a culture and ways of respecting a particular culture as shown by both Gardner and Vertov.









Ruby .J 2000 Picturing Culture the University of Chicago Press. (pg95-180)

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                                                              Twelve angry Men                 

The movie is held in the New York City in a small court room where twelve men are debating on the fate of a young man who has murdered his father. The judges at first do not agree as to whether the man is guilty or innocent. Most of the Americans find it hard to accept that someone is innocent until the law proves otherwise. The film is full of various dialogues where the body language matters. The movie signifies prejudice where emotions are easily used in judging the case (Rose, 1957). The young man is not yet proved guilty thereby remaining innocent. The judges with the exception of jury 8 are in agreement that the man is guilty. The open ballot shows that jury 8 is the only one who votes negative.

The secret ballot shows that judge 9 has changed his stand and agrees with judge 8 that the case requires much discussion. Majority of the judges change their mind from the experiments performed on whether a short man can stab a short person. From the discussion they are able to tell that the man is not guilty. Judge 3 is not in support of this as he says slums people commit crimes more. The judges are guided by emotions and pride forgetting tat they are dealing with a man’s life (Rose, 1957). Some judges are hesitant to explain their votes since they are voting for personal reasons. For example judge 3 is not able to say why he thinks that the man is guilty. At the end he says that the decision is out of frustration from his bad relationship with his son. At last the jury makes a unanimous decision that the man is not guilty as a result of a lengthy discussion preferred by judge 8.





Rose R (director) (1957) 12 ANGRY MEN



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Food industry


Food safety/food poisoning

            Food borne illness usually arises from improper handling, preparation, and food storage. The movie focuses mainly on the food industry and the production of the food that is eventually sold to consumers at cheaper prices. The movie mostly focuses on what happens to the food the farmers and the industries that we are not made aware off. In the United States alone, using data from food nets’ 2000–2007 analysis, the CDCP estimated there were 47.8 million food borne illnesses every year. Of these cases, 127,839 were hospitalized and 3,037 people died. The number one food borne bacteria is nuvovirus followed by salmonella. On the other hand, the number one killer is salmonella.

            The movie states that the consumer through the foods that we buy injects most food bourn deceases. The movie believes that bacteria such as salmonella are exposed to most food consumers through products such as meats, eggs, and dairy produce. It goes ahead and shows us the conditions in which some of the slaughtered animals that both the farmers and the industry present to us as food. The movie states that the condition in which this food is reared is bound to spread disease.

            The movie shows that some farmers do not care about the health of the products especially meat, that leaves their firm, As long as they can make profit. In the movie, it is observed that most food industries are the facilitators of these small farmers, therefore, what the companies say goes. Poultry farmers, for example have been instructed to upgrade to no windows in the chicken houses. This is irrespective of the fact that this has led to spread of disease among the very same poultry, which gets slaughtered and sold to the consumers by the food industry.

            The USDA states that food borne illnesses such as salmonella occurred from a variety of foods including poultry, meats, eggs, milk products, fruit juice, fish, shrimp, frog legs, yeast, coconut, sauces and salad dressing, cake mixes, breakfast cereal, cream-filled desserts and toppings, dried gelatin, peanut butter, cocoa, chocolate, and dried spices. It goes ahead and states that the incidence of Salmonella is much higher in raw agricultural products (e.g., raw eggs, or uncooked poultry or meat) than in cooked or processed food products. However, Salmonella can occur in other foods as a result of cross-contamination with raw foods, or from contamination from humans, animals, birds, or reptiles. This means that if the preparation of food is not conducted in a proper hygienic way, then the likelihood of illnesses such as salmonella spreading fast are from the food processor to the consumer is high.

           Currently, the FDA claims to have the situation at hand. It claims to have defined current Good Manufacturing Practices for food (cGMPs). These cGMPs outline the minimally required general sanitation practices in FDA-inspected food handling and processing facilities. However, It is recommended that more specific and stringent standard operating procedures (SOPs) be developed for individual facilities.

            For now, however, it claims that the sanitation recommendations for food service and retail food facilities outlined in the FDA Food Code of 2005 have been adopted into many state and local regulations. These remains to be seen because the movie states that the food industry runs the main show and not the government. Therefore, change can only occur if the consumers take the first move because the food industry is only after the money and profit.

            The movie in itself acts as a revelation to the consumer. Now the consumers can understand why so many food borne illnesses are cropping up from the food, we eat. Only the consumer can stop this madness. By being made aware of the dangers faced by the consumer due to a few money hungry individuals in the food industry, the consumers gains knowledge on what to avoid.
















Brown, A. C. (2011). Understanding food: Principles and preparation. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Pub Co.

Dillon, M., & Griffith, C. (2001). Auditing in the food industry: From safety and quality to environmental and other audits. Boca Raton: CRC. Inc. (2012). Food poisoning and waterborne illness: How to prevent 1.8 million deaths every year. Toronto: Productive Publications.

Schlosser, E. (2012). Fast food nation: The dark side of the all-American meal. Boston: Mariner Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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 Mad Men Season 1, Episode 1, Analysis of Love


There are many reasons why people fall in love. In the current society, marriage and divorce are almost simultaneous verbs in our dictionary. The higher the number of marriages, the higher the number of divorces experienced in modern society. This is because the reasons people fall in love and marry are different now than during our fore fathers times.

Prosaic love

Most people grow up with the illusion that love is portrayed in thins such as young love and romance. However as we grow up we realizes a more prosaic and realistic side of love. Even though humans end up participating in love, there are choices made voluntarily that end up affecting the outcome of this love. These choices are made based on the morality of an individual. In the end, the kind of love that is in the relationship will be influenced by the discipline of the individual, their utilitarian side, and their ability to attune themselves.

Eros Love

Based on the episode one of the TV series Mad Men, different kinds of love and reasons for that love are depicted this program. These types of love and subsequent marriages are because of different factors that result in that kind of love in the first place. However, the most prominent kind of love in this episode is the Eros kind of love. This love is mainly characterized by strong physical lust. This kind of love is usually involves self-satisfaction of the individual sexual needs by their partner, and can be termed as utilitarian kind of love. Most of the people in this relationship go into it for the sex and usually do not demand anything else after they achieve satisfaction.

At the beginning of the episode, we learn that Don Draper, due to frustrations at his place of work has gone to visit a carefree artist whom we learn is his mistress. Midge is clearly aware of her role as a mistress and her only aim is to help him escape from his problems through sex even if it is for a limited amount of time. She also knows that she is the temporary solution to Dons problems and that come morning he will go back to his normal life that excludes her.

This is also the situation at the office, where an older secretary, Joan Holloway explains to the new secretary, Peggy Olson that part of her duty will to provide sexual favors to her superior bosses. This seems to be the order of business at the mad men office place and all the other secretaries see no issue with the current status quo. The new secretary takes this to heart and is seen visiting a gynecologist who prescribes contraceptives for her. Peggy soon takes up their advice towards the end of the episode for she ends up having sex with Pete Campbell. This means that all the secretaries are aware that at one point they will be needed to provide sexual fulfillment to their bosses. This is the norm at the place of work and nobody dares question it. The men also know that that is the role of the secretaries, this is why the moment Peggy arrives, Ken Cosgrove wastes no time on hitting on her.

Pragma Love

The other kind of love seen in the episode is the pragma kind of love. Derived from the word pragmatic, this love is the practical kind of love. It involves one or both of the partners in the relationship entering the relationship with a goal in mind that will end up benefitting that individual in the relationship. There are several circumstances where this kind of love is illustrated.

While Joan Holloway shows the new secretary around the office, she confides in her how to survive in the new work place. She tell the secretary that she knows how to please her bosses in bed and that doing so will help accomplish her long time goal which is to marry an ‘ad man’. If she is able to accomplish that particular goal the she will no longer have to work and can be a full time homemaker. The main goal of this secretary to land a rich husband who will provide for her so that she does not have to work which will be achieved by sleeping with her bosses.

Pete Campbell on the other hand is supposed to make the dream of a luck girl come true by marrying her. The particular girl seems to be a happy bride, however, Pete and his fellow male colleagues are aware that he is marring this particular girl because she is from a rich family. His friends keep on rubbing this fact in his face. The fact that he is engaged, to be married does not stop Pete from pursuing other women. In fact, at his bachelor party, he shamelessly makes a move at a woman who sits next to him. He later ends up having sex with Peggy after the woman refuses his advances. This illustrates that Pete is going into his marriage strictly, so that he can gain money, power, and prestige.


There are many definitions of love depending on ones point of view. My definition of love is a combination of many things that come together to form one beautiful emotion. Deferent people enter into love relationships for different reasons. While some would go into a relationship looking for companionship, others would go for the sex and others for fame or money. There is a long list of reasons as to why people enter relationships. It is every individual’s hope that they end up with the mythical kind of love. Some are lucky enough to experience this kind of love, the greater majority are however not lucky enough and end up in prosaic love. For the individuals that end up in this kind of love, I believe that a good relationship would be one that involves a cocktail combination of Eros, Philia and Agape love.

A combination of the three would mean that not only do people share unconditional love that bonds the two of them but also that there is an attraction between them. In the episode, the Eros kind of love depicts in a different way where the different characters are after their own sexual satisfaction. This kind love is driven by the selfish desires of one individual who does not want to share their sexual needs with their partner. In the episode, we learn that Don is sleeping with a mistress despite the fact that he has a wife and children at home. This means that he had a strong sexual attraction to another woman who was not his wife and did not have the discipline to resist it.

Eros love often stems from physical attraction. How an individual handles this attraction is what may lead to a happy of sad relationship. If one attunes him or herself and is disciplined enough, they can be able to enjoy this kind of love at its fullest.

Agape love is the kind of love that is unconditional. This kind of love often overlooks the mistakes made by ones partner and their shortcomings. Human beings are often prone to make mistakes; this kind of love puts this into consideration and is often forgiving. More often, this kind of love is not easy to achieve. Towards the end of the episode, Rachael talks to don and confesses that she knows for a fact that her husband is cheating and question herself whether she should poison him.

The final kind of love is Philia kind of love. This love is not seen in the episode. If anything, the opposite of this is illustrated. There is no friendly relationship between Dom and his mistress. Both parties are aware that the relationship exists solely for the purpose of sexual satisfaction. The same applies in Pete’s case where he is marrying his fiancé for her money.

A combination of these three types of love, with the right morals, might not replace mythical love. However, given the great numbers of failed marriages in our society, will result in healthy and meaningful love relationships.















Oord, T. J. (2008). The altruism reader: Selections from writings on love, religion, and science. West Conshohoken, Pa: Templeton Foundation Press.

Oord, T. J. (2010). Defining love: A philosophical, scientific, and theological engagement. Grand Rapids, Mich: Brazos Press.

Sternberg, R. J. (2006). The new psychology of love. New Haven, Conn. [u.a.: Yale Univ. Press.  

Stets, J. E., & Turner, J. H. (2007). Handbook of the sociology of emotions. New York, NY: Springer.






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