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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Question: Disenfranchised Grief (Please read the direction carefully and answer all parts of the question)  

Review the case study on pages 184–185 of Older Adults: Understanding and Facilitating Transitions. Then, review the scenario below. Use your information on disenfranchised grief and bereavement challenges to answer the question below.
Take the perspective of the chaplain attending to Ron:

The chaplain, who in this case is in the stage of young adulthood, and unbeknownst to Ron, has an unresolved childhood issue: his parents forced him to participate in sports and activities in which he had no interest and failed miserably. With the parents always disappointed, the chaplain experienced many instances of discomfort trying to excel at things he could never master. His suggestion to come back and discuss the issues present were not just for Ron's benefit, but for his own ability to get a grasp on the challenges he was facing now, that he had ignored. He forgave his parents years ago, but the subtle disappointment over his own lack of achievement in that area still plagues him.

Apply your understanding of disenfranchised grief-the experience of being unable to experience grief, or even have the capacity to do so because of a person's role in society. Consider the chaplain's challenges:

Suggest appropriate strategies for helping him to understand and find a means of grieving the person he was not, and celebrating the one he is.
How will his own lack of grieving impact his role with Ron in the future?
What other professionals might be supportive in this role to help the chaplain before he returns to help Ron?

( You must use at least two references from the readings to support your answer) 

unit reading:  Grief and Loss 

Familiarity with Kubler-Ross and Kessler's (2014) work on grieving and additional contemporary authors like Alexandria Kennedy (2014) provide guidelines for supporting common experiences and concretizing them enough to identify them and feel typical in experiencing the process of grieving after loss. Kennedy's work focuses on seven tasks useful in dealing with grief that enhance the empowerment of the individual in the process instead of allowing the individual to feel victimized by the process. Her Seven Tasks of Grieving (2016) present us with a more active type of grieving than Kubler-Ross identified in her work, initially. As the understanding of grief has evolved, we recognize the complexity of the process as more than just dealing with an issue. It incorporates relationships, expectations, cultural foundations, spiritual belief systems and self-knowledge as well. Thus, contemporary theorists are more apt to include an active participation in the process as opposed to just understanding the stages one may pass through in the process. We would also expect that the identification of need is more specific and enables us to deal with circumstances surrounding grief in a more comprehensive manner. Worden (Smit, 2015) also proposed a four phased model that recognizes the cyclical nature of grief, unlike Kubler-Ross' model. Many of these types of grieving can be found compactly presented by Smit who presents an informative, brief  article of the historical development of understanding grief and the process of grieving.

What is grief? What is bereavement? Grieving is generally the method used to mourn a loss such as the loss of a significant figure or a job, a pet or health and deterioration of the body. The time of mourning that occurs after the loss of something important may be influenced by culture, spirituality, the age of the passing individual, the circumstances of the individual's passing, etc., and constitutes bereavement. We may be more familiar with bereavement as it is how the mourning and grieving appear. For those from different cultures, this can seem odd and unfounded but when we delve into the cultural expressions and the expectations of society, we may find bereavement that is long or expressed differently, perfectly natural. On the professional side, how would you incorporate narratives, cultural experiences and general information from an individual's past to understand the resulting biological, psychological and sociological responses to suffering loss and grieving? Consider this as you move through the unit and relate your own losses to the expectations you had for others' responses and the responses you have given when experiencing someone's bereavement or grieving rituals.

heck out the DSM-5 and their multiple explanations of the types of grief. The ICD-10 provides the incorporation of grief as a symptom in many classified disorders. Consider this also as you move through this unit and how these criteria can impact the understanding of support and family comprehension of grieving and bereavement.


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Sample Annotated Bibliography

Balter, L. (2000). Parenthood in America: An encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, Calif: Abc-Clio.

This book describes various interaction processes between parents and their children. It outlines relationship between parents and their kids and ways in which parents contribute to mental growth of children (Balter, 2000). It shows the early stages of children development and ways in which parents contribute positively and negatively to language development of most kids. It explains the role of parents in development process of kids and ways in which parents mislead children during their early ages. Some parents teach their children on practicing negative virtues instead of positive values (Balter, 2000). The book shows ways in which parents shape the language of most kids at their young age. Introducing harsh vocabularies always affect children where most parents are discouraged from using. The environment the child is exposed to also matters. Exposing a child who is still developing in a harsh environment makes the language affected in a negative way. The child is able to learn virtues in life, which are not important.

The information in this book is reliable and perfect in my research. It contains useful information about children and language development process. This book is useful for research and credited since the information given is important and highly reliable (Balter, 2000). The book gives complete and well-researched information both modern and current relationship between children’s language development and parents relationship. The book fits in my research since it provides all the necessary information, which helped me during this critical research (Balter, 2000). This book helped me learn more about children development process and ways in which parents get involved in the development process. It is thus useful since the information given is credited and useful especially in this research.

Calvert, S. L., & Wilson, B. J. (2011). The handbook of children, media, and development.            Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

This book describes American schools and ways in which the media has contributed negatively to student’s ways of lives. It gives examples and incidences in which children follow actions they watch in the movies. It shows that most students bully other students since they see it being carried out in the movies. Most children also use vulgar language since they are able to hear it being used in the movies. The book shows that the media is responsible for bad behavior and language of many children since children are able to capture very fast whatever is spoken. Vulgar language spoken by children is used in the media where children learn. The book shows that research carried out shows that children exposed in the media at early ages use vulgar language than those not exposed (Calvert & Wilson, 2011). Face to face communication is mostly preferred since it is enhances social interaction as compared to other modes of communication. Media communication is highly discouraged since it promotes negative stereotypes and racism in most cases.

The information in this book unlike in the first is more detailed and useful. It is reliable for use in this research since it gives useful and clear examples applied in real life. Information in this book is useful and reliable in this research. This book fits in this research since the information is credited and can be relied on (Calvert & Wilson, 2011). Information provided is accurate with examples thus it was useful in this particular research. Information provided in this book is appropriate for this research and thus this book is useful and credited.

Chonchaiya, W., & Pruksananonda, C. (2008). Television viewing associates with delayed            language development. Acta Paediatrica, 97(7), 977-982

This article shows ways in which children that spend most of their time watching television experience delay in their language development. This article does a detailed research and interviews both children and parents. It shows that there exist relationship between watching television and language delay in most kids. Children who watch television at very early age are not social and experience a delay in their language development. Parents who expose their children to early television watching are to be blamed for interfering with their children’s language development. This article shows that parents should not expose their children to early television watching since it interferes with the whole development process of most kids (Chonchaiya & Pruksananonda, 2008). Parents should instead give their children reading materials and expose them to enough sleep since sleep keeps children active. This article show that most kids exposed to television at their early ages are likely to get problems at school thus their education is interfered with unlike those children who do not watch television at all. Thus, television has negative effects to language development process.

This article is reliable for this particular research. It provides detailed information regarding relationship between parents, children and television. This article is necessary and important in this research since the information provided is accurate, well researched and detailed. This article is fit and appropriate for this research because it provides necessary figures and numbers of those kids affected by early exposure to television (Chonchaiya & Pruksananonda, 2008). This article helped in the research and should be used by people who need accurate information. Information availed in this book is credited and highly useful.

Ferguson, C. J., & Donnellan, M. (2014). Is the association between children’s baby video            viewing and poor language development robust? A reanalysis of Zimmerman, Christakis,       and Meltzoff (2007). Developmental Psychology, 50(1), 129-137.

             This article shows the relationship between language development and children exposure to video viewing and watching. It shows that children exposed to educational programs at early ages are likely to have better and faster language development than those who are not exposed at all. This study shows the positive effects and impacts of media on most children who are exposed to educational programs. It shows that children who are not exposed to any media are at a risk of developing slowly in their language and social life. Unlike other articles in this study, it gives positive impacts of early exposure of kids to television and videos. Children programs on the TV are important since they boost the child’s thinking capacity and ensure that the child is able to learn development skills (Ferguson & Donnellan, 2014). They increase the interaction process in children and boost relationship among kids in the society as they come together to discuss interesting child programmers’. Children programs encourage creativity will boost the mental attitude in most kids. TVs promote culture diversity since kids are able to learn language, religion and culture of other people in a convenient manner. Children are able to watch importance of other people’s cultures.

    This article is important and fit for this research since it outlines and gives accurate information on positive impacts of the media in language development in most kids. It gives detailed research and credited information necessary for this research. It thus important, credited, and useful in this research since it provides modern information regarding this topic (Ferguson & Donnellan, 2014). The article is thus highly recommendable for research since information provided is well researched and detailed.

Hamaguchi, P. M. A. (2010). Childhood speech, language, and listening problems: What every     parent should know. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

This book shows that many children who experience language disorders are exposed to hard vocabularies at their young ages. Television contributes to positive and negative impacts on children during their language development processes. Children who watch television much are likely to have problems in their speech than those ones who do not (Hamaguchi, 2010). Young children should not be exposed to harsh vocabulary and terms since they get confused. Children who are exposed to hard vocabulary on television are not able to express themselves fluently since they get confused. Television watching teaches children some values which are not taught in schools. Children are able to learn some vulgar language (Hamaguchi, 2010). This affects most children at schools since vulgar language is unacceptable in schools and public institutions. Parents should buy their children reading materials instead of exposing them to television since they are exposed to wrong values. Reading materials are the best and contribute to language development in a positive and acceptable way.

This book is highly recommended for this research since it provides accurate and reliable information. It provides useful information regarding language development. The book is appropriate and recommendable for this research since information is detailed and is well researched (Hamaguchi, 2010). This book is necessary and useful since it applies modern experiences and research thus it is well updated. It provides current information thus making it credited and recommended.






Balter, L. (2000). Parenthood in America: An encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, Calif: Abc-Clio

Calvert, S. L., & Wilson, B. J. (2011). The handbook of children, media, and development. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

Chonchaiya, W., & Pruksananonda, C. (2008). Television viewing associates with delayed language development. Acta Paediatrica, 97(7), 977-982

Ferguson, C. J., & Donnellan, M. (2014). Is the association between children’s baby video                        viewing and poor language development robust? A reanalysis of Zimmerman, Christakis, and Meltzoff (2007). Developmental Psychology, 50(1), 129-137.

Hamaguchi, P. M. A. (2010). Childhood speech, language, and listening problems: What every parent should know. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.







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 Effects of television watching on children language development


It is difficult for kids to avoid watching a television. Television watching is fun, enjoyable and interesting such that kids want to keep on watching cartoons especially. Most kids are exposed to television watching even before they start schooling. This is according to research and analysis carried out by Kaiser Family Foundation. Kids spend almost 2 hours watching television daily while teens are seen to spend four hours watching television and videos. America academy of pediatrics advocate that children below two years old should not watch television while those above two years should not be allowed to spend more than an hour watching television since it causes negative sight problems to them. Small children are still in the process of development and exposing them to more television watching will affect their process of development both mentally, psychologically and physically. Television watching can affect performance of children since it interferes with reading habits in most kids. Television watching have huge impacts on the development of language in young children. The essay will describe both positive and negative effects of television watching on children language development and growth process.

Negative effects of television on performance

First, watching television in small kids affects performance of kids in schools. Watching television affects children in their homework, readings, acquiring enough sleeping time and acquiring hobbies. The effects of television watching on education are harmful and intense and termed as long-term effects. TV watching hinders a child from achieving goals in life from the research carried out. TV watching increases chances of children dropping out of schools because of negative peer influence. For example if a child watches a program that shows how another child dropped out of school and became successful later on in live, most children will also tend to follow such inaccurate lessons (Chonchaiya & Pruksananonda, 2008). Children who are exposed to TV watching at an early age are not enrolled in universities and colleges since they will tend to drop out more likely than children who are not exposed. Some children learn bullying skills from television become violent in schools. Such children are expelled thus shattering their watching as learnt causes bad and harmful effects on education of kids, which should be avoided. The most violent students in most schools were in one way or another exposed to TV watching at the age of below four years.

Positive effects of television on education

Television watching however can influence positive development in children. There are many educational programs on the TV, which support good mental growth and development in children. The parent should watch those important and educational programs together with the children and help them learn from those programs. Sesame Street is an educational program, which can boost education performance of children if the program is well utilized with help of parents. It educates children and enhances good language and communication skills in children. Educational programs on the TV enables kids learn numbers and reading skills thereby improving their performance. Children programs on the TV are important since they boost the child’s thinking capacity and ensure that the child is able to learn development skills (Chonchaiya & Pruksananonda, 2008). They increase the interaction process in children and boost relationship among kids in the society as they come together to discuss interesting child programmers’. Children programs encourage creativity will boost the mental attitude in most kids. TVs promote culture diversity since kids are able to learn language, religion and culture of other people in a convenient manner. Children are able to watch importance of other people’s cultures. Children are well entertained by video games and cartoons on the TVs. TVs occupies children’s time instead of committing unnecessary crimes. Children should watch TV for limited number of hours, as they need to remain informed on the occurrences taking place worldwide. Early childhood education is offered by televisions and kids are able to learn lessons from other people’s cultures in the globe (Chonchaiya & Pruksananonda, 2008). Children are kept updated on sports activities, which are fun and entertain most kids. Televisions help in shaping the language of most kids. It enables kids differentiate between different colors and objects.

Effects of television on social development and skills

The second negative influence caused by watching TV is the fact that it interferes with the social skills and development in children. Spending long time watching TV would affect the children’ social skills and keep them isolated from the real world around them. This is because most of the children who spend most of their time watching TV are said to be less socially and do not want to play with other children (Ferguson & Donnellan, 2014). This means that the child have less social skills. Additionally, children in their early ages start developing some kind of social interaction and need to communicate with people around them. Moreover, children’s brains grow very fast and even faster than the adults’ brains (Ferguson & Donnellan, 2014). However, children’s brains are not grown enough and capable to interpret what is been showed in TV which may cause some confusion that must be avoided in this stage of their life and brain development. Studies conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics states that children are extremely in need to direct attention and interaction from their parents for healthy growth of their brains and the development of their social and emotional skills. It is the responsibility of every parent to use other means of calming the baby rather than allowing the child to watch Television as it has some effects on his or her social and brain development.

Effects of television on sleeping in children

The other negative effect of television watching is that it causes sleeping troubles to small kids. It causes sleeping disorders and disruptions especially in small kids and young teens. It is important and healthy for children to get enough sleep. Some children suffer negative effects after watching horror programs on the television such as horrible and scarily dreams such that they are unable to sleep alone (Calvert & Wilson, 2011). A current analysis suggests that small kids who watch TV for long hours have irregular habits of sleeping. Most teens who watch TV for more than four hours experience sleeping disorders during their adulthood. Amount of sleep in children should be quantity and enough sleep in order to ensure that their brains remain active during the day. Sleep ensures good growth and clear understanding in children throughout the day. Children who get enough sleep remain active throughout the day. This promotes good performance in schools. Lack of enough sleep can have a negative effect on performance of most kids. Sleep should be enough and quality. Children who sleep in class from the research are those that are exposed to watching TV for long hours (Ferguson & Donnellan, 2014). Watching TV should be limited and regulated especially for kids and teens since it causes them sleeping disorders in the future.

Adult conversation versus television watching

In another perspective people have argued out that television watching does not contribute much to language development in most children. Most research carried out shows that adult conversation contributes more to language development and has effects on it that television watching. Watching television according to other research has effects on children since many media houses use vocabulary that are sometimes confusing to many kids. Many kids are not yet exposed to hard vocabulary at schools and exposing them to watching television confuses them more (Balter, 2000). Parents should avoid conversing in similar hard vocabularies like the ones in televisions since research shows out that children are keener on conversation than television watching. Parents should ensure their children watch the right programs on television. Parents should talk frequently to their children instead of exposing them to television watching. Research decisively demonstrates that social interactions between children and parents should not be substituted with television for language development (Ferguson & Donnellan, 2014). Parents should interact more with their children and show them importance of homework instead of letting them watch television since it is harmful to them.

Relationship between speech development and television watching

Television contributes to positive and negative impacts on children during their language development processes. Children who watch television much are likely to have problems in their speech than those ones who do not (Hamaguchi, 2010). Young children should not be exposed to harsh vocabulary and terms since they get confused. Children who are exposed to hard vocabulary on television are not able to express themselves fluently since they get confused. Television watching teaches children some values which are not taught in schools. Children are able to learn some vulgar language (Hamaguchi, 2010). This affects most children at schools since vulgar language is unacceptable in schools and public institutions. Parents should buy their children reading materials instead of exposing them to television since they are exposed to wrong values. Reading materials are the best and contribute to language development in a positive and acceptable way.


From the above discussion, it is clearly seen that watching television has both negative and positive impacts to child’s language development process. Parents should be on the watch and dictate what is appropriate for kids to watch as well as discouraging continuous television watching. Children should be exposed to watch educational programs and programs, which emphasize and encourage healthy living habits and lifestyles. Watching television should be discouraged since it leads to negative effects to the kids who are not yet developed mentally and physically. It is therefore the responsibility of teachers and parents to discourage children from watching television. Children should be involved in other constructive activities instead of getting involved in TV watching. TV watching hinders proper growth and development in most kids, which should be highly discouraged. Although television also contributes to children language development, it has various shortcomings as it depends on the quality of content and the quantity of television watched. Therefore, research conclusively demonstrates that social interactions between children and parents should not be substituted with television for language development.









Balter, L. (2000). Parenthood in America: An encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, Calif: ABC-CLIO.

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Ferguson, C. J., & Donnellan, M. (2014). Is the association between children’s baby video viewing and poor language development robust? A reanalysis of Zimmerman, Christakis, and Meltzoff (2007). Developmental Psychology, 50(1), 129-137. doi:10.1037/a0033628

Hamaguchi, P. M. A. (2010). Childhood speech, language, and listening problems: What every parent should know. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.





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Why should people not think themselves as an individual?

I think it is wrong for people to think themselves as individuals. Individuals should remain united in order to support each other as it is stated in the Vedic culture. Individuals should work as a group and help each other for success to be achieved. Failure of not following this leads to failure of the individual and later the whole community fails. Success of one individual is beneficial to the whole community. Vedic culture brings people together in unity thus enabling the strong to support the weak in the society. I strongly agree that success of one individual is success of the whole community. People celebrate when success has been achieved by an individual in a community since they believe the individual is beneficial to the whole community.

It is wrong for people to think themselves as individuals since it is the community that has shaped them. People should be grateful to the society by utilizing their talents to help the society which contributes to the success. People should not remain selfish since failure of the community will affect all successful and unsuccessful individuals. People should unite to make the community remain successful. People should stand for their culture and fight for rights of that culture. Respect for the culture and community is the key to success of an individual. Individuals should remain loyal to the community which they grow in. individuals should work hard to attain success and later join with others to make the culture grow. Individuals should remain peaceful and achieve in order to make the community successful and the culture respectable. People should identify themselves with their culture and this promotes success.

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Censorship during the 1930’s

Censorship is described as the use of state or group power to control freedom of expression such as passing laws to prevent media from being published or propagated. It is harmful since it denies people rights to express themselves since certain bodies within a community such as government and private organizations control ideas. It is defined as one form of dictatorship especially between 1920-1930. It is used in suppression of ideas by the government, media and individuals to control ideas though to be harmful and objective. It is mainly carried out through films, newspapers, radios, TVs, magazines and other media related programs. Censorship aims at controlling and preventing indecent materials from reaching the public. The family, government and church are involved in suppressing certain ideas and hindering them from reaching people since they are considered indecent, harmful and blasphemous. Different communities have different taboos, laws and regulations, which are to be followed. Thus, censorship is used to ensure that the taboos are followed by people lack of which serious consequences follow.

Censorship was experienced in 1933 when racial barriers were used in “Emperor Jones”. The holly wood movies went against laws found in emperor jones. The films portrayed sex in indecent manner not acceptable by societies, churches and most individuals. The films featured the lifestyles of most Americans where sex was embraced. This was against the customs of the society. The act of sexuality was a taboo to discuss it in the public since it is against laws of religion and society. Hollywood movies and films showed this practice and sex between many different partners were featured in these movies. This was concern to many religious institutions since it was seen as ungodly and indecent. Rapes and prostitution were featured in the movies. Religious people objected these movies since they would be bad examples to other people. Rapes and prostitution would become part of the society in case the movies were allowed. Divorce was another elemt in these movies that was not allowed by religious doctrines. Watching these films and movies would enlighten people and increase the cases of divorce, which were rare in the past communities. Murder was another characteristic seen in these movies. People killing each other was viewed which is not accepted by both state and religious laws. The movies supported all virtues, which were prohibited by religious and state doctrines. Kidnap was also viewed in these movies. The movies encouraged virtues that would cause harm to people. Such virtues that support murder could eventually lead to chaos in the society. The Hollywood movies were filmed in different Medias and cinemas, which was a concern to the church. Racial discrimination and profiling was also featured in the movies thus encouraging racism in America. Corruption also featured in these movies. They did not give solutions to corruption but their keen message to people was corruption in American government. Political injustices were also seen in these movies where people fought for political positions. These movies are example of censorship in America featuring ways in which individuals break religious and state laws.

In the 1930s, the Catholic Church in America was involved in war in opposition to increasing numbers of lay values among many Americans in the public. The church was able to use films and cinemas in order to reach the public and make their demands on the increase of secular values among people. This was detailed research done by Alexander McGregor. There was an increase in number of holly wood films, which the church saw as a threat to corrupt the minds of innocent Americans. The church was against these holly wood movies since they supported virtues not in line with the church regulations. The church took the initiative to defend the social morals of most people who were being exposed to indecent movies as the church termed them. The church was determined to influence the view of holy wood movies through getting involved in censorship organizations such as legion of decency. The legion of decency, which was chaired by two bishops, was determined to have a say in production of holly wood movies to ensure that they followed moral ethics. The legion of decency aimed at preaching the patriotism culture and was actively involved in ensuring that American culture was maintained. It disagreed with the issue of sexuality and sex being represented in the media, which holly wood movies supported. The Catholic Church in America represented its Christian values to the public where it faced objections from some individuals who advocated for holly wood movies publications. Religious institutions contradicted themselves through airing their views in the media and cinemas, which they earlier viewed as being secular. The church is involved in government activities, which binds them together. The church advocates for people to be wealthy and get freedom. Producers of holy wood movies use this freedom in order to gain wealth. Morality was a key element advocated by the church since it is according to religious laws that pleases God. Holly wood movies on the other hand objected this, which made the church furious.

In 1934, there was an increase in number of slavery, immorality, illegal drug trafficking, racism, murder, venereal diseases and many other unacceptable activities in America. This made the censorship bodies to ban some movies and films that supported such virtues. It was unfortunate that the ban of one film in one state would popularize it in another American state. This led to establishment of a Hollywood production code. This was used in order to check holly wood movies before they reach the market. It was welcomed in the movie industry but not all movies complied with its needs and objectives. Pre code movies made between 1930 and 1934 had to comply with demands of the new code. The filmmakers defied the production code through use of costumes, images and languages that supported immorality. Many films in 1933 such as baby face and gold diggers supported immorality to a higher percentage, which led to imposition of production code in movies produced in 1934. Joseph Breen, the production code manager suggested that no movies should be produced before passing through the production code office. This was passed and hence no movie was produced before being scrutinized by the production code office. Films were therefore authorized or denied access to the public by the production code office. Failure of the film to meet the demands of the office meant failure of the movie to be produced and reach the public. Filmmakers had no option but comply with the rules and demands of the production code office.


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 Cultural Influences

 In our discussion of cultural influences, we identified 10 fundamental personal values that often listed by individuals as central to them and the American culture. How would you rank these values in terms of their relative importance to you? What was the basis for your selection of the top three ranked values?

Honesty is a moral value attributed to integrity, trustworthiness, self respect, respect for other people, loyalty and fairness. All the above values are attributed to honesty. When one is trustworthy, fair and loyal, it means that person is honest. Honest is the key to achievement and success. Honesty is a great value according to the society and religious point of view. Honest is the best value which everybody should posses. Parents should train their kids to be honest in order for them to remain trustworthy and loyal in future. Integrity is governed by honesty. When one is trustworthy, it means they are being honest. Self respect and respect for other people is driven by honest. Fairness, loyalty, achievement are all attributed to loyalty. Family and reliability should also guide a person. Family comes first, followed by honest, achievement reliability, trustworthiness, integrity, self respect, respect for other people, loyalty and fairness. I ranked family, honesty and achievement since honesty is attributed to the rest of the values. Family is important since it will guide children to attain all the above values. Achievement is the result of having a good family and remaining honest all through. Family is the key to success since children learn different values from their parents.

Give three examples of a “personal” problem that you have encountered: one that involved the condition of certainty, one that involved risk, and one that involved uncertainty.

I have encountered many problems in life as a student. A personal problem that involved a condition of certainty was during when I had a fight with my classmate knowing clearly that I was breaking school regulations. I was sent home and I was sure my parents’ would not be happy with my mischievous behavior in school.

A problem that involved risk was during the end semester exam when I decided to copy a friend’s work. I was not sure whether the teacher would discover but shortly afterwards the teacher called me and my friend. It was discovered that I copied which made me lose marks and was almost the last person in that subject. My parents were informed of my deeds and I was punished both at home and in school. I now opted to always remain honest in all I do.

A problem that involved uncertainty was when I ran away from home after being suspended from school. I did not care where my parents would get me. I was running away from punishment from my parents and school. I caused more harm to my parents, school and friends than I expected.

Think of an important decision that you have made during the past year or so. In what ways did your process of making the decision match or vary from each factor in the political model of decision making?

I made a decision to assist the needy students study hard and provide some basic needs to them in order for us to achieve our goals together. I informed by other friends and together we are forming an organization assist our needy classmates. I first discovered the problem based on the political business model (Griffin, 2012). The problem is to needy students who struggle hard to learn. There are different goals and achievements we want to achieve in life. I was able to outline them down and set measures in order to achieve them. I was able to look for possible solutions to help our needy students. I mobilized my friends and together we are initiating an organization to help those students who are not lucky in terms of financial support from their parents. I am able to include even our parents in that idea since they are key supporters to achieve our achievements and success. The business political model (Griffin, 2012) helped me make a good decision since many students will achieve success regardless of their background and living standards.




Griffin, R. W. (2012). Fundamentals of management. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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Is War Necessary

Is war necessary? In my opinion war is not necessary. There are many kinds of wars taking place in our countries most of which are not necessary and justifiable. Wars do not solve misunderstandings but in deed lead to loss of innocent lives and destruction of property worth millions of money. In ‘The Decision to Drop the Bomb’, the attack of 1992 was not necessary and lead to deaths of many innocent people. War did not solve anything instead it lead to trauma and injuries experienced by people to date. The towers were destroyed which hosted many people who were affected by those bombs (Davidson & Lytle 2). Countries should respect each other instead of fighting. The explosions affected many people and caused harm to the environment. Wars not only lead to destruction of property, loss of people but they cause environmental harm and damage. From this perspective it is important to learn that wars are not necessary and should be discouraged by looking for peaceful ways of solving disputes.

In the film ‘Why We Fight’ some countries and military justify themselves after being involved in wars. The United States invaded Iraq in 2003 without justifiable reasons. After the Second World War America has invaded many countries and has also been invaded (Jarecki n.p). There are no reasons to start wars since they lead to economic and political downfall. Political leaders influence wars since most governments support wars to other countries. Iraq is prone to attacks by the United States. American Arabs face racism in America since they are associated with terror attacks which occur in America. Wars are therefore not necessary since they widen the gap between different nations. Peaceful methods of solving ideological differences should be supported. Countries involved in terror attacks and fights face economic instability and that should be avoided.

Can we live in a world (one day) with peace? In my opinion we can live in a peaceful world without wars and fights. Wars can be avoided through peaceful methods of solving disputes. A peaceful world is what everybody would desire for. Political stability is possible especially when leaders solve their ideological differences. Many people’s desires and hope across the globe that one day all wars and conflicts will end where people will live peacefully with great harmony. Currently, many nations are suffering destabilization following aftermaths of increased wars where others are left hugely depted as others try to cover up the loses and destructions the war brings (Ledbetter 274). Wars are not only physically suffered but also cause mental and psychological distortion to people. Although nations might cover up economic loses, the lost souls are irreplaceable bringing the main reason as to why war is unnecessary.

President Eisenhower urges the government and military forces to remain calm under triggering no wars under influence or not (Ledbetter 274). Military forces are hired mostly to fight against a warfare using hefty and expensive armaments, which become a big lose to the losing nations in case of defeat. Following his great concern for peace in the nations, President Eisenhower emphasizes on resolving indifferences peaceful without necessarily using powers. Although global wars help define superiority of nations, it is always wise to consider the multiple advantages aligned with peaceful states (Ledbetter 274). Peaceful nations enjoy tax dollars for nation building strategies, economic growth and stability. This will foster international integrations without fear where nations should exchange ideas and ensuring harmony and integrity. Considering the above discussion, it is my opinion that war is not necessary meaning that peace should be maintained globally.























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What were the goals of an original negotiation?

The original negotiation aims at ensuring that the smiths pay their pledge without involving the law. Peter Smith and is wife signed an agreement to support the MCA in building up a modern museum but decline to give the funds after disagreements. Peter and his wife are judges and lawyers respectively and should know the consequences of failure to honor their pledges and a result they ran away from the city. The new director and is team are supporting the idea that peter should be sued while some thinks that he should not. Others prefer that alternative means if forcing him to pay his pledges should be used. The museum currently depends on pledges from donors with the 5million from peter hindering the building of the new museum. The original negotiation where peter should give out 5milion aims at developing a new museum.

Was your original BATNA? What was its value?

BATNA is an acronym of Best Alternative to a negotiation (Fisher & Ury, 2012). This is a way of action that can be taken by a particular party when the first negotiation process fails and the entire agreement cannot be reached (Fisher & Ury, 2012). BATNA is believed to be the key focus in a negotiation theory. It helps to establish a successful negotiator. In this case, the original BATNA is to sue a law case that will force Peter Smith to give out his pledge. Sometimes it is better to involve a law whenever the original negotiation fails. On a law standpoint, Peter will be forced to write a written pledge in front of her wife. This in advance will play a significant role, as it will make Peter to give out his pledge. This will help to make the new building to be continued and they will continue to get the interest as they used to get. One of the values of the original BATNA which is to sue to a lawsuit is that it will persuade Peter to give out his pledge a agreed and this will help in the construction of the new building.

What are your interests (as opposed to your position)?

As a chairperson, I should ensure that conflicts are minimized between the board members. As the chairperson I should ensure that people who have made pledges are able to pay the required amounts. The new museum should be developed since the chairperson should ensure that people pay the necessary amounts and conflicts are minimized between the board members. The plan to build a modern museum should be completed with the chairperson ensuring that the necessary resources are available. The chairperson understands that just like other organizations MCA should not entirely depend on donors since they may lack the actual amount they pledged to donate. The most important thing to note is the way forward in order to get the amount required for construction of the museum. Smith should pay since he pledged even though he will not pay the full 5million. He was in full support of the MCA and as a member he should be forced to pay without necessary suing him to the law suits.

What are some options for mutual gain?

Mutual gain is a notion whereby every person will benefit from the agreed condition. In addition, it leads to a win-win outcome, as every person will have a good reputation. In this case, it is better for Peggy to maintain his position as he has a very public recognition and suing lawsuit may led to the violation of his reputation. Additionally, it is also to consider the welfare of Peter Smith and the situation at hard. The fact that there is financial crisis every where, it is better to find a way through which Peter will be in a position to pay his pledge. Thus, Peggy may think of lending Peter with money in order to fulfill his promise. In relation, he may also advice Peter Smith to give out materials for the construction of the entire building instead of giving out the pledged funds. This is essential, as it is one way of solving out the scandal. This will help him to avoid the scandal of a lawsuit. Additionally, it will help him to matter the welfare of Peter who pledge to give out $5M.

Identify influence tactics: which ones could you use on the Smiths?

Smith and his wife should be sued to a court of law just like other people who refuse to pay their pledges are sued. Smiths are running away from a signed agreement which will cause them harm if they are sued since the laws will not support them. The chairperson as well as other board members is in unison agreement to sue the smith since they believe that the laws will fully support them like they have done before to those who report such cases. There is an alternative way of ensuring that the Smiths pay their 5millio pledge. The board should forcefully ask Smiths to pay their debt since the organization has pending debts as result of donors who have not honored their pledges. The board should ensure that Smiths do not run away without fulfilling their pledge failure to which negative consequences should follow. The board should threaten Smiths in order to ensure they pay their pledge in full amount since they are not facing financial hardships.

What power bases do you (as Peggy Fischer) have in regards to each of the Smiths? Explain.

I being the chairperson of Midwestern: Contemporary Art (MCA), I have different powers in regards to each of the Smiths, for instance, I have power to seek lawsuit to force Peter Smith to pay the pledge funds. In addition, I have power to take any action to make sure that the pledged funds are fully fulfilled. I have also power to conclude that Smith will not give out his pledge due to the ongoing financial crisis. On the side of Smith, he has power to find any mean to pay his pledge whether to give out materials for construction instead of giving out the pledged money. He has also power to stop the case as he is one of the judges and his wife is a lawyer. Thus, they can also sue a case against me. From this perspective, it can be seen that Peggy has more power than Peter Smith as he has the mandate to sue the lawsuit incase of the failure of the negotiation.

How might you (again as Peggy Fischer) draw on your personal network to influence each of the Smiths? Explain.

Being the chairperson of the MCA, I can find any mean to make sure that I have influenced Peter Smith’s power to stop the case. For instance, I can argue him to pay the pledged funds or report high to the high court. Peter smith is a judge while his wife is a lawyer by profession. They know the consequences resulting from their failure to pay their pledge which makes them run away. I should force the lawyer who is Peter’s wife to pay the pledge which she and her husband made. She is influential as a lawyer but that should not hinder me as the chairperson to let justice take place.









Fisher, R., & Ury, W. (2012). Getting to yes: Negotiating an agreement without giving in. London: Random House Business.






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School Violence Prevention

Students have their right to study in a violent free environment. Schools should ensure learning is done in a safe and protected environment. Performance in schools is made possible when the learning environment is safe and secure. The number of crimes is on the increase in most schools especially in the previous three years (Johnson et al 332). Violence and crimes are deterring learning especially in public schools which are the most affected. Communities, non governmental organizations and families have come out to address this issue of violence in school since it affects their children not only physically but psychologically. It causes traumas in most kids in America especially Native Americans, Asian Americans and African America students. When solving this issue of violence in schools people should not only look at the effects of violence but also consider the root causes of this crimes and violence (Johnson et al 332). Lack of parental guidance was one major causes of violence in most cases. In order to solve this, parents should join together with other organizations in the fight against violence in schools. The raising of children together with conditions they are exposed to at their homes is one contributing factor of violence which should be addressed at the family level (Johnson et al 332).

Peer influence and pressure is one factor blamed for the increasing cases of violence in American schools. Abuse of drugs and other substances for example alcohol is also a key factor in causing violence (Dogutas 89). School leaders and other national leaders have planed national conferences in order to come up with ways of solving this crimes and violence which result to death of innocent students. Rehabilitation programs are being put in place for students who abuse drugs to attend. These programs are helpful and essential since they mould the drug addict to someone helpful in the society (Dogutas 89). Such young people are given training in those rehabilitation centers until they become successful. They are trained to peruse courses they are able to perform which ensure that they become useful people in the society. They are given guidance and counseling sessions which reform them and show them importance of maintain peace. Programs have been formed to educate students on ways of preventing drug abuse since it is one of the known factors of promoting violence in most schools (Dogutas 89). They are also educated on ways of preventing crimes and reporting those who commit crimes to the school authorities. This violence prevention programs will reduce the cases of many crimes which not only cause negative school performance but results to death of innocent students.

The government is also involved in ensuring crime prevention is possible in schools. It has come up with laws that support punishment of those teachers and students engaged in crimes. The government is upgrading the education sector and supports that all people are equal and should be treated right and equal (Dogutas 89). Crimes should not be present in schools since they deter learning and promotes poor performance. The government in conjunction with the ministry of education has ensured crimes are prevented through giving teachers proper training on methods of preventing crimes (Dogutas 89). The government provides funds to individuals and other organizations that are willing to train students on method of preventing crimes (Dogutas 89). The community together with other individuals is willing to educate students in order to prevent deaths which are rampant in schools. The government supports such organization through funding them.

Bearing in mind that school is a place where students goes to learn, it is essential for a student to have the opportunity to develop skills and living in a non-violent zone (Fahsl, Allison and Amanda 215). This means that educators should discourage violence in school. For instance, they can emphasize on healthy relationship in classrooms and in the school. This will play a greater role of minimizing violence occurrence in school. In recent time, United State schools are being associated with the highest incidence of violence (Fahsl, Allison and Amanda 215). This has declined their overall performance and many students end up dropping out of school. Many schools in United State are employing punishment as one way of reducing violence among the students. However, punishment is not a consistent way of solving these problems. Normally, they blame the violent student without finding out what really constituted to argument that ended up being a fight.

It is essential to employ different social workers that will counsel the violent students and show them the dangers of being that aggressive. For instance, they can argue the entire students to promote a healthy relationship that will not lead to fight (Fahsl, Allison and Amanda 215). The fact that many schools cannot be in a position to afford to employ social workers to solve problems that are related to violence, it is essential to find for different ways of stopping violence in United State schools. Violence in United State schools has spread widely and most often it is causes many issues among students, families and residents in that area. This is due to the fact that it affects student’s performance and can affect the relationship between students and teachers. It is argued that many schools in united state have allowed their students to come with guns and weapons in their schools (Fahsl, Allison and Amanda 215). I think this factor is a major cause that is making this violence to increase. This is due to the fact that whenever a student argues with his or her fellow student, he or she will use the firearm to destroy the student. Additionally, when a student is having a quarrel with his or her teacher, sometimes they attempt to destroy their teachers with guns asking them that if they will not stop bothering them they will end up destroying them. Thus, if students are not allowed to come with these weapons such as firearms, then issues of violence will reduce rapidly.

Parents and guardians should also be argued to counsel their students on the dangers of stopping these fights in school. The fact that parents spend most of their time with their children, they known how the students reacts whenever they argue with other students. Additionally, they know how they aggressively behavior and thus, they should show them the danger of becoming violent in schools. It is believed that violence in school is a complicated issue. For instance, those experts who studies criminal behaviors argues that school shooter are quite different from other forms of violent such as gangs or drug dealers (Park-Higgerson, et al 567). This is because it is very hard to recognize them as they do their fight silently. It is essential for the government to emphasize on making the school gun-free zone (Fahsl, Allison and Amanda 215). This will help to reduce the large number of casualties. In addition, government should provide funds that will be used to prevent schools from violence. Teachers should also do away with students who are identified with many cases of criminal behaviors at school. Through this, violence in school will reduce.




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 Misconduct accusations facing football players

The article discusses how Brenda Gibbons was expelled from school on the basis of sexual misconduct. This is seen as a right step to take in order to teach other football players on importance of respecting schools rules and moral ethics (Groce, 2014). The university seemed to take a long time in taking action against the Player who has much influence in athletic department in the university. Many football players are accused of rape cases which are true from the investigations carried out but most universities are seen to act slow in handling these misconduct cases. In the past few years the rape cases are on the rise in some states especially in Ohio, Arizona, and Florida among other states. A girl was reported to have committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted by a football player (Groce, 2014). It is unfair and unjust that most players who are involved in these cases end up unpunished. Most of the victims of these assaults seek justice since their rights have been violated where the cases are reported to police officers and in the respective universities. However, only 40% are able to report the assaults since 60% remain silent and do not speak about the rape experiences. The universities are reluctant to handle these rape cases which hinder most girls from reporting. Universities take much time to deal with the cases which is done after pressure from the public (Groce, 2014). Research made shows that male athletes are likely to commit these assaults as compared to other male students. This issue is likely to be addressed and solved through necessary education right from high schools.

Most athletes according to their cultures are taught on rewarding themselves with women which has increased the rape cases. Coaches also support the ideas of using women as rewards which encourages young male athletes to involve themselves in rape cases. Players mainly involved in Vanderbilt are involved much in sexual assaults. Their coach is seen to recruit members who show him their wives since women are considered as rewards which are a negative attitude toward women (Groce, 2014). Redmond Brown has analyzed that the athletes work out in teams which enables them cover up each other in order to avoid charges against rape. Title IX lawsuits are being advocated in many universities as legal actions to promote justice to ladies who suffer from rape. It is highly noted that rape cases are on the rise with the number being 29 in 2013 as compared to 11 in 2009 (Groce, 2014). Use of a Title IX lawsuit is becoming a solution for most women in universities since it is stopping athletic players from sexually assaulting women. The New England Patriots is one of the organizations that discourage sexual assaults cases commonly related to athletes. It takes a strong stand against sexual harassment in those different states. The patriots are discouraging rape cases for example Christian Peter was dismissed from the group of patriots after his revelation that he was involved in a rape assault. Meggett is another example of an athlete who was put in trial by the patriots for justice to be enacted. It is discouraging to realize that rape cases are currently increasing as a result of the reluctant nature of many universities in supporting justice to the victims (Groce, 2014). Athlete’s teams which are found guilty of supporting rape in the sports industry should be punished.









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   Wellness programs for undergraduate students


Industrial engineering mainly deals with design, improvement and fixing of incorporated systems of individuals, machines and other necessary materials in order to benefit men. It works together with mathematical and scientific skills in order to allow integration of these systems which are useful and important to human kind. The industrial engineering department is aimed at providing specialized services in order to improve the learning time, project improvements as well as enhancement of jobs.

Industrial engineering is a useful field in creation of awareness and improvements in the programs for undergraduate students. The firs usefulness of industrial engineering is the fact that it helps undergraduates to identify various problems. The main problem here is health problems as a result of increase in medical services. The person is able to loran more about the job using many techniques such as tables and charts (Nevova, 2004). The person is able to learn facts related to the job through critical examination of major questions. The person through critical analysis is able to get solutions for the health problems through looking at all alternatives and choosing the best solution to solve this rising health problem. This is a major concept used by undergraduate students and learned from the department of industrial engineering. Industrial engineering is aimed at guiding undergraduates to make the best decisions and solutions for problems occurred (Nevova, 2004). Planning and control is a major technique used by undergraduates in order for them to achieve set goals and objectives they intend to achieve. According to the theory of decision making, many undergraduates are able to make excellent decisions which enables them achieve their set objectives and aims.

Productivity is a key concept undergraduates are able to learn from the department of industrial engineering. The undergraduate student is able to learn the type of jobs in the market as well as make sensible decisions on which job to venture. The undergraduate is able to learn factors affecting productivity as well as methods to improve productivity. Manpower is necessary in job production as well as machinery and other necessary materials. Industrial engineering is also concerned with healthy living of undergraduates (Nevova, 2004). It is important to learn that less manpower in most hospitals lead to increase of medical costs which in turn contribute to poor health to most people. Obesity is one of negative consequence that comes with increase in medical bills. Wellness programs are offered by most employers and health care workers in order to improve the health conditions of most people. In order for employers and health workers to solve this problem, decision-making is the key strategy. Involvement of top managers as well as other employees is important to enhance good decision making strategies which eventually lead to solving of the health problem (Nevova, 2004). Productivity as a key industrial engineering concept is used to solve the health problem as well as reduce costs of medical services.

Wellness programs are aimed at motivating undergraduates. The programs are aimed at solving health problems of employees and improving heath care services for their employees. Obesity is a key contributing factor to health problems in many United States organizations. Most of the youths are obese (Dr Khallel, 2011). This is a major concern not only to organizations but the government as well. Undergraduates are the most targeted especially the ones far from their homes together with children. Industrial engineering through the concept of planning and control has come up with ways of solving obesity problem (Story et al, 2009).Wellness programs have implemented use of various techniques in order to solve this problem affecting many youths in America. The individuals are advised to eat health food as well as involve themselves in exercises. Eating of fruits, vegetables and regular drinking of water is the key factor to control obesity and other weight related complications. Junk food should be avoided since from the research conducted by wellness programs most undergraduates consume junk (Myers, 2004). Gaming theory a major technique from industrial engineering is used and enhanced in order to solve weight related disorders. Employers and organizations using wellness programs have increased thereby reducing the productivity cost. Medical costs have been decreased as one way of solving this obesity problem (Story et al, 2009). Problem solving skills are key contributing factor to wellness organizations use of industrial techniques. Non governmental as well as governmental organizations are major tools in advocating for usefulness of wellness programs. Most undergraduates have been taught the technique of saving in order to cater for their health problems. Savings enable people reduce the mode of eating and adapt healthy eating lifestyles. Fitness classes are readily available at most learning institutions which has encouraged health living standards (Story et al, 2009). Group cooperation is one important technique of industrial engineering. Group leaders are likely to be spread the usefulness of wellness programs to the undergraduates since they belong to the same level. Group leaders are likely to identify problems of undergraduates more unlike other people. Industrial engineering concepts are necessary and used by wellness programs in the spread of better health standards.


From the above discussion it is evidently observed that wellness programs are readily used in America in order to solve health problems. Wellness programs learn the techniques from use of industrial engineering concepts which identifies the problem and critically provide solutions to identified problems. Wellness programs are therefore important and should be maintained in order to solve weight related complications in undergraduates as well as other individuals.


















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Should ones culture play a bigger part in our education at college? When at home, our parents of the Native American culture don’t understand the importance of some of the things we learn verses what they think is cultural/ethical, and of moral importance to learn.


Culture is well defined by describing people’s way of life and behavior portrayed by different people at a particular place. Cultural diversity is rampant in many schools since students integrate together from different societies with different cultural backgrounds. Cultural diversity should be encouraged in schools since it enables students learn several things from different cultures. Cultural diversity promotes interaction and enhances more experience in students. Culture is therefore seen to play a major role in many colleges in term of education and interaction. Many values and virtues differ in many societies. Some societies encourage virtues which are not supported in other societies. Children upbringing depend on the cultural background the child is exposed to. There are many cultures in different schools but schools often have a major culture to follow in running its education activities. Culture is dependent on the beliefs, values and commitments. This beliefs are followed by people of that particular culture which in one way or another shapes the mode of education. Native American Indians in American schools are seen to perform poorly as compared to Americans. This cultural diversity is not helpful in schools since children can perform better regardless of the cultural background. Races should not be a determining factor to success. The education system should support children of all cultures regardless of skin color since intelligence is not based on the cultural background of students. There are Native American Indians students who perform excellently regardless of their culture and skin color though most of them perform poorly in mathematics and history.

Importance of cultural diversity in schools

Many schools are becoming diverse in terms of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It is therefore important for students to learn on how to exist in a diverse school environment. Rich students from high social class should assist the poor ones who are disadvantaged. Most public schools practice cultural diversity which is important since poor students tend to work extra hard in order to achieve their goals and becoming successful thereby eradicating poverty. Cultural diversity is encouraged as it helps teachers make universal decisions not in favor of a particular race (Long et al, 290). Majority of teachers from a research carried out by Public Agenda together with National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality portrays that the new teachers are trained on ways of coping with students from different cultures. Though it is challenging to teach students from different cultures teachers have undergone the necessary training in order to cope up with most challenges. Teachers and students should respect each others cultural backgrounds as one way of promoting success in the education sector. Parents should encourage their children on the need to respect other people’s culture. Cultural diversity involves teachers to extend their teaching skills and base examples according to different cultures as a way of showing respect to every student’s culture. Favoring certain cultures can make some students feel inferior thereby resulting to poor performances and failure in life. Teachers should form group discussions in classrooms that are diverse in terms of culture as a way of making students of different cultures interact accordingly (Long et al, 290). This enables students to listen to their fellows and learn that everybody has a right to an opinion regardless of the cultural backgrounds. This reduces cases and chances of racial discrimination since students will earn the importance of others cultures. Most parents believe in racial discrimination. Taking children to public schools will enable them learn importance of others cultures and learn to respect others regardless of cultural background (Long et al, 290). Children can end up putting values to many parents who practice racial discrimination as a result of ethnic and cultural differences.

Respect is the key to success. Teachers should teach the students on importance of practicing respect. Native Americans are seen to learn slow which should be respected. Teachers should punish those disrespectful students. Opinions should be respected in school environments as one way of promoting unity. Culture should therefore not play a major role in learning since learning is possible regardless of the cultural background. Cultural diversity is important in schools but should not be the key to better education (Long et al, 290). Cultural diversity if misinterpreted can result to chaos and failure of some students belonging to certain low regarded cultures. It is important for teachers to make it possible that all students should remain successful in life regardless of the cultural backgrounds. Culture involves different skin color as well as language. Skin color should not prevent success and achievement in a student. Language difference in most cases causes misinterpretations and misunderstanding resulting to conflicts. Language difference should not be a contributing factor to failure and poor performances in most schools. Students should respect languages of other students (Long et al, 290). Students who are financially unstable as well as disabled students should not be denied rights to get better education services. The approach to solve these challenges is known as the abroad approach which aims to enhance success and achievement in all students regardless of their cultural background. Social events should be made possible at all schools in the fight against discrimination on cultural bases where students should be taught on importance of respecting others cultures. The events should be continuous and should make students understand the value of different cultures (Long et al, 290). Schools where all cultures are well valued and respected have successful students of different cultures. The environment for learning to take place should be pleasing and peaceful. Principals should follow up the teachers to ensure that none of the students violates the rights of other students on bases of cultural and ethnic differences. Teachers should be keen to observe and punish those students who make learning impossible in schools by harassing students since they belong to certain cultural backgrounds.

Role of parents and culture in students’ motivation

Most parents who are financially stable and earn more income teach their children on how to remain independent. Parents whose educational levels are high are not keen on teaching their kids the importance of cultural diversity (Tchibozo 42). Parents play an important role in contributing success to their kids. They contribute to motivation of their children and teach kids on importance of maintain the American culture as opposed to the issue of cultural diversity. Achievement in academics is based on type of background and type of school the child is exposed to. Rich students are taken to the best schools with necessary facilities unlike Native American Indians students who learn in poor conditions and end up remaining failures in life (Tchibozo 42). To some extent, the family background is a contributing factor to success of a child. Different organizations both governmental and non governmental have come up with an idea of helping the needy students achieve their dreams. Parents who encourage their students are likely to motivate them compared to those who do not. Families have an influence on the moral behavior of a child. Respectful kids are taught the morals by their parents. Kids tend to follow the actions of their parents. Parents are key contributing factor to students remaining disrespectful to cultures of fellow students (Tchibozo 42). Most American parents encourage their kids to maintain the American culture which is one way of disrespecting other cultures. Kids follow the teachings of their parent and end up harassing Native Americans especially and disrespect them. Native American Indians are regarded as unsuccessful and inferior people with a weird culture. Rich Parents readily provide resources for their children unlike poor parents who depend on the government for support and assistance (Tchibozo 42). Parents play a major role in adding value to the kids and enhancing success to the students. Parents influence teachers to some extents who end up collaborating together in maintenance of the American culture thereby disadvantaging the students who belong to other different cultures. Cultural differences mainly in parents are a major contributing factor to motivation of the students.

Cultural stereotypes are rampant in many homes as a result of upbringing by parents. Parents are keen to support their native culture and therefore have no room for cultural diversity. Students whose culture is disrespected in most cases remain unsuccessful since they do not have motivational factors (Fox et al, 56). Rich parents motivate their kids and encourage them to remain successful unlike poor parents who lack the time and resources to motivate their kids and show them importance of their culture. American Parents tend to protect their culture from any influence be it positive or negative. Native American Indians parents do not teach their children to maintain their culture since they view themselves as well as the culture as inferior and end up being manipulated and harassed by Americans (Fox et al, 56). Indian American students fight with the American ones and at the end of it all the American Indians are the one to suffer since the school officials cannot support them on the bases of their race. Parents collaborate with the teachers in disrespecting Native American Indians culture. The students wear some attire that support racial discrimination in schools thus influencing their peers in treating other students unfairly. The attires are bought by their parents suggesting that parents support disrespecting of Native American culture. The education system is not fair enough and promotes to failure of innocent students (Fox et al, 56). The physical building in most schools is not good and thus the government according to my views should intervene as a way to encourage learning an enjoyable process in the schools. Rich parents do not associate their children with such low class schools and instead teach their children on importance of maintaining their culture by taking them to the best learning institutions where whites are the only students found there.

The targeted people are students in the institutions who should learn that culture disrespect is a bad influence in their lives and justice should always be maintained at any given institution. The minority people who are the poor children receive the least education opportunities and their curriculum is governed by segregation, separation and culture disrespect which should be stopped especially in public institutions which should act as good and key examples in the fight against discrimination (Thijs et al, 49). Discrimination is mainly on basis of culture and ethnicity. The environment in schools should be the most pleasing ever thus making learning possible and encouraging success of the students so as to make the nation more successful. Most of the students suspended and expelled in American schools are the Indian Americans who are given bad treats in schools thus making their lives problematic. Out of 100% of students in American schools 63% of the students expelled are the Indian Americans as a result of their race which is unfair and unjust (Thijs et al, 49). This becomes a problem to those affected students and hinders their success which is not an ethics in the schools. Parents violate American laws which emphasize that every culture should be respected and that discrimination should not take place failure to which consequences will be followed by responsible people. Positive policies on discipline are being put into measure as a way of reducing the cases of discrimination based on cultural differences as it affects learning of students negatively and eventually leading to failure of the students. The government is seen to segregate and abandon the issue of discrimination in schools and is seen to abandon schools and subject them in to very bad conditions therefore paralyzing learning process.

The government has neglected its duty as it is supposed to give funding to the schools as a way of supporting needy students who come from humble backgrounds. The needy students are mainly Indian Americans as one solution to the discrimination problem (Gonzalez 193). This will reduce the cases of discrimination by cultural bases since students will learn and later on educate people on importance of respecting people’s culture and importance of cultural diversity. Indian American culture is undermined by the American culture (Gonzalez 193). Asian American parents advise their students to remain focused as they are known to perform well academically as opposed to Indian Americans. Parents teach their children on different stereotypes making them spread hatred and disrespect of other people’s cultures. The most successful Indian Americans are accused of behaving like the whites making them feel frustrated. Parents should take a major step in teaching good values in regard to respecting ones culture regardless of color difference (Gonzalez 193). Indian American students undergo many challenges in their learning experiences where they are despised by the whites and regarded as unsuccessful people. Arab Americans are the most affected since the American culture portray them as people who always commit crimes. This demoralizes such students since they are harassed at public schools and viewed as criminals.


From the above discussion culture is seen as a factor in education. Though it is not a major contributing factor to success, it causes impacts to students to some extent. Cultural diversity should be encouraged in American schools as one way of enhancing cooperation and interaction amongst students. Students should learn to respect other students’ culture and should guide their parents in respecting the different cultures. Parents, teachers and students should be taught on the importance of respecting different cultures. The government should enact policies such that people causing discrimination are punished as an example for others to follow. Culture should be respected by all.














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