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Paper instructions:

After stating your specific area of financing interest (e.g., public schools, charter schools, NGO, international education, etc.), discuss some of the challenges of resource allocation and managing resources.

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

Create a budget for an organization, using Excel. Using Excel, generate graphics (such as bar charts and pie charts) to provide a graphic representation of the data from your spreadsheets.

Create a presentation of your budget using PowerPoint or an alternative presentation software (e.g. OpenOffice, Keynote) as an executive summary to including graphics, charts, and textual explanations of key figures.

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper instructions:

why should financial decision makers be concern with inflation and the exchange rate? Give examples.
why liquidity is so important in depository institutions management? How do they secure liquidity?

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper instructions:

  1. Suppose you purchase a 3-year, 5-percent coupon bond at par and held it for two years. During that time, the interest rate falls to 4%. Calculate your annual holding period return.

    2. Consider a one-year, 10-percent coupon bond with a face value of $1,000 issued by a private corporation. The one-year risk-free rate is 10%. The corporation has hit on hard times, and the consensus is that there is a 20% probability that it will default on its bonds. If an investor were willing to pay $775 for the bond, is that investor risk-neutral or risk averse?
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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper instructions:

The objective is to give a look into the future of the below as they relate to Auditing and Accounting more generally.  Pick ONE...

1.      Emerging technology and infrastructure changes ‑ transformation, innovation, disruption
2.      IT security and privacy/cybersecurity
3.      Resource/staffing/skills challenges
4.      Infrastructure management
5.      Cloud computing/virtualization
6.      Bridging IT and the business
7.      Big data and analytics
8.      Project management and change management
9.      Regulatory compliance
10.  Budgets and controlling costs

The basic criteria is 5 to 10 pages with references, Turnitin will be used to 25% level, 1.5 line spacing, 10.5 font times roman.

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper instructions:

find two articles (scholarly) that discuss financial ratio analysis. Identify two advantages and two disadvantages to using ratios in financial analysis.

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper instructions:

Please, conduct some research to find out what is the current monetary policy followed by the FED and explain why. Select three articles from wall street journal within the last three months to support your statement. Also, visit  The Federal Reserve Bank to find additional information to support your statement

The answer is not to exceed 2 pages. Attach your answer. Please, use APA or MLA format

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper instructions:

Answer the above questions thoroughly in essay format using at least two sources. Include an APA formatted cover page. It should be double-spaced and include all appropriate citations of sources used.

1. When investment banks underwrite IPO’s they typically sell stock for 5-10 percent more than they pay for it. When they underwrite new stock for companies that are already public, the typical markup is 3 percent. What explains this difference? 
2. Suppose two people are the same age and have the same level of wealth. One has a high paying job and the other has a low paying job. Who should hold a higher fraction of his or her wealth in stock? Explain 
3. Suppose everyone in the world becomes convinced that the efficient markets hypothesis is true. Will it stay true? Explain
4. Would each of the following events increase or decrease the volume of bank loans? Explain
a. New regulations make it easier for share holders to replace company directors. 
b. A new law makes it a felony to default on a bank loan. 
c. All the economy’s small firms are bought by large firms. 
d. Mutual funds reduce their minimum balances for shareholders. 
5. In what ways is an asset price bubble similar to a Ponzi scheme? In what ways is a bubble different?
6. Some U.S. companies have 1 year terms for directors. The entire corporate board must run for election at each annual meeting. Other companies have 3 years terms; only a third of directors found that the companies with 3 years terms have lower stock prices, controlling for other factors. What might explain this finding?
7. Why do people commit each of the following crimes? Who is hurt by the crimes? Discuss who is hurt directly and also the border effects on the financial system. 
a. False accounting
b. Insider trading

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  • Reasons for and against cash flow analysis
  • There are reasons as to why Castle nursing home requires keeping a cash flow analysis. First, cash flow analysis helps in determining imbalances on cash allocation and since it the work of the cash flow to help the management of the organization in maintaining balance in the cash allocation. The other significance for performing cash flow analysis is that it helps in determining whether the resources available in the business can sustain the business in terms of operational costs (Moyer & Moyer, 2012, p.341). Cash flow analysis will also help the organization in tracking payment of employees. Incase the organization has any loan the financial institution will require a cash flow analysis from the business organization.

  • Name and background of Organisation:
  • Plan4Wealth Pty Ltd
  • Plan4Wealth is a boutique Financial Planning practice who work with people to help them understand their overall financial goals, develop comprehensive strategies to help them achieve them and work with them year after year to ensure their goals are met.

  • The practice currently employs 11 staff which include 6 Authorised Representatives (financial planners) and 4 administration staff.

    Plan4Wealth have offices located in Boronia, Moe and Pakenham (head office)
  • What Industrial awards and/or contract information will be used to calculate gross pay and annual salaries?
  • Bank Finance and Insurance Award 2010 – Modern Award Number MA000019
  • This award covers employers throughout Australia who are work in the banking, finance and insurance industry.
  • Outline government legislation that the organisation must follow when managing payroll:
  • Effective 1st July 2009, most employers in Australia are governed by the Fair Work Act 2009.

  • Assignment
  1. What is the difference between Managerial Accounting and Financial accounting?
  • Managerial accounting refers to use of accounting information by managers in order to help them in making decisions that will be of an advantage to the organization.
  • Financial accounting refers to financial reports indicating an organizations performance from external users like investors and creditors.  
  1. Describe the Value Chain Analysis
  •             The value chain analysis refers to the sequence in which customers are included in providing strength to the products of an organization. The value chain consists of the following elements;

  • Ethics and Firm's Goals & Cash Flow
    1. Can goals like avoiding unethical or illegal behavior be in conflict with the goal of the firm? How does this complicate the agency problem? Fully explain your reasoning in at least 200 words.
  •             Goals like avoiding unethical or illegal behavior cannot be in conflict with the goal of the firm. The reason is that an organization that operates ethically has many advantages including avoiding fines and litigation (Ross, Westerfield & Jordan, 2006). An organization that operates ethically creates a competitive environment and has the ability to protect or increase capital value. The disadvantages that come with an organization operating in unethical behavior include lower productivity of the firm’s output. In addition, unethical behavior results to employment of many unskilled employees because of corruption practices. Lower financial performances are a result of unethical behaviors that may occur in an organization.

  • Advanced Financial Accounting Theory and Analysis: Forward Exchange Contracts
    1. Describe a fair value hedge and discuss how to account for forward exchange contracts that are entered into for fair value hedges
  •      There is a great exposure to change in fair value of a recognized firm’s commitment resulting to a certain risk and could affect the profit and loss in the operations of the firm in a fair value hedge (Deloitte, 2007). Fair value also refer to the exposure to changes in value of unrecognized firm participating in certain contract or an identified portion of liability that is exposed to a particular risk and may contribute to the change in profit and loss in the firm’s operations. In this type of hedges, there are various income generator ought to recognize the financial gains on the hedging instrument.

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