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Paper Instructions:

Identify a newcomer at your workplace – an employee who has been with the organization less than six months. (If you do not have any new employees at work, find a friend or relative that has recently started a new job.)

Ask the following three questions:
1. When you started working here, what was your goal regarding your work-life balance: 
A) Stay the same as it was at previous job
B) Become more involved in career and devote more energy to work
C) Become more involved in personal life and devote more energy to home
D) Did not have a goal

2. Based on your work-life balance goal, how did that influence your job search? 

3. Based on your work-life balance goal, what have you proactively done (if anything) to achieve that goal?

Then discuss what you learned 

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

Discuss the training part of police misconduct in the state of Ga, the academy hours etc, police brutality Police misconduct In the public eye News Social Media Corruption/murder/brutality/ Reasons Officer training Life or death situation

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

Write a research paper on Ethics & Credibility in Business Communications

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

"Leadership and Motivation" Respond to one (1) of the following discussion topics:

•Select one (1) person whom you consider to be a leader (e.g., Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr., a family member, a close friend, etc.). Explain the key characteristics that the selected individual possesses that makes you believe he or she is an effective leader. Support your response with at least one (1) example of the selected individual’s leadership in action. 
•Think about what motivates you to be a leader. Describe the manner in which you apply the key characteristics of leadership to both your work and personal life. Next, state whether or not you think such leadership characteristics are innate or learned. Provide a rationale for your response.

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Paper Instructions:

"Security Threats to Employee Information" Please respond to the following:

Cybersecurity threats have been on the rise over the last few decades. With more advanced technology, hackers have found ways to break through security defenses and haul away employee information. The headlines are filled with news on security breaches on very well-known organizations. First, watch the video “Massive cyberattack strikes Anthem” (1 min 43 s), located at, and then please respond to the following question: 

• Describe two (2) ways a hacker can gain access to employee information. Recommend the steps an organization could take to address these security breaches after the fact. Then, outline a plan for preventing these breaches from occurring, and specify the legal requirements you would structure around information security in an HRIS.


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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

effective Staffing (aka, hiring)  is a critical piece to a successful business.  In turn, Job Analysis is a key component to staffing.  Given our work so far in class and from the text, please compose a paper that relates Job Analysis to a specific company's (of your choice) hiring process.  Was it done well or did they miss the boat? Explain your thoughts-- how, why, etc.

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer
Paper instructions:

Read part of Chapter 4, pp. 98-115, focusing on appreciating the style of business writing. Style is a very important subject in business communication, as it deals with the question of how to make your writing easier for the audience to read. (In a nutshell, style is about how to write as opposed to content, which is about what to write.)

Key words: coherence, emphasis, point of view, conciseness, plain language, and jargon.

In addition, post your subjective response (100 words min.), by answering these two questions: 1) what makes business writing different from other types of writing, for example, academic writing? and 2) how to achieve effectiveness in business communications by improving your writing style?

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

Write an essay on Why do we need visuals in business communications?


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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

Write and argumentative essay on GMOs vs Non GMOS

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper instructions:

"Establishing Probable Cause"

•Go to the Legal Update Online Website, located at, and research the latest case law concerning probable cause and law enforcement officials. In your own words, discuss the possible changes you see coming in this area as it relates to the Bill of Rights. Provide a rationale for your response.
•Compare and contrast the concepts of probable cause and reasonable suspicion. In your own words, determine the relationship between the two (2) concepts as they relate to search and seizure.

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

Select an organization or school district to analyze; assess characteristics of the organization and any issues, and develop suggestions on how the organization could be improved. In a 2-page paper, respond to the following questions:

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s financial position?
What two or three aspects of the organization’s financial condition are most significant to you? Why?
What recommendations or actions would you suggest that would be helpful to the financial condition of this organization? Why or why not?

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer

Paper Instructions:

Here is my assignment for this week:

Review this video from Teradata. Complete the following main elements:
•    Explain how Teradata was used to manage data that was integrated into the business for McCain Foods.
•    What was the competitive advantage of using Teradata?
•    Research one other company such as IBM, Oracle, SAP.
•    Describe an industry you think their Business Intelligence product would support.

Website for video:

Here is what you will do:

I have uploaded my classmate’s responses for this week's assignment. For the file please write a paragraph as if you addressing each student scholarly about where they were wrong or right about the assignment above. For example write: 

Dear student response 1, 

getting to understand your interaction with data analysis under the patronage of the chief financial officer is humbling. The insight that one is able to draw from the experience that you share in the paper is that you had interaction with data analysis in a real work scenario. In the scenario that is presented, there are notable incidents that are both wrong and right. 

For student 1 write one paragraph and student two write one paragraph. 

In your responses, discuss how business intelligence can help an organization keep a competitive advantage and make strategic decisions.

  I have uploaded a student response example about how I want it done. Please it is important to follow the format in the student response example file only. Do not write a paper answering the question above. Do not also write the paper from my viewpoint. Please find 2 sources per student. Please write the paper according to the student response example file only. Please it is important again do not answer the question according to my viewpoint. 

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer
Paper Instructions:

Which variations in demand for police services should be considered in an aggregate plan for resources? Which variations can be accomplished with short-term scheduling adjustments?

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