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In the great Gatsby is Gatsby truly great? 

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Paper instructions:

write a position paper where you identify the argument the author is making in the essay and respond to that argument. Is the author correct or not, and why?

Your paper should include specific quotes/examples from your chosen essay, and you should focus on the most important ideas and the purpose of your chosen essay.

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MLA style 6 page paper about the Trail of Tears. Needs to have at least 5 references from online articles or books.

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Question:Responding to Discussions – Critical Analysis

This discussion should be completed after studying the presentation, Successful Courseroom Postings and Critiques, and after the Responding to Discussions – Content Issues discussion. When you are ready, open the discussion associated with your program and follow the instructions:

Successful Courseroom Postings and Critiques (attachment) 
Critical Analysis in Discussions (attachment) 

unit reading: •    Professional Communication

This unit introduces the Professional Communication and Writing Guide and more details of APA style and format. It includes a thorough description and discussion of how to correctly write postings, responses to other learners, and papers at the University, which is directly related to your work in Track 1. The articles that you find to support your thesis (for a posting or a course paper, for instance) and the careful critical analysis applied to those articles, will form the body of any paper or posting, and the Professional Communication and Writing Guide identifies how to construct successful papers, postings, and discussion responses.
In this unit, you will become familiar with the Professional Communications and Writing Guide used in the university to present learners with the standards for professional communication—whether written or spoken. You will become familiar with:
•    The key elements of academic writing needed for successful postings and responses in the courseroom.
•    The key elements in a course final project (the literature review or final paper).
•    The idea of the key challenge and how to respond to it in the final course paper.
The process of attaining a PhD requires learners to communicate in a scholarly fashion. To complete the PhD program, you must write at a very high level. This means that you have to write to a very specialized audience: a group of academics. During and after the PhD Research Seminar you may find the Professional Communications and Writing Guide helpful. These sessions on professional communications in the courseroom are your first steps in preparing you for independent research throughout your academic career.
As you move forward in your doctoral program, the complexity of your writing requirements will progressively intensify:
•    In your course work, you must develop your initial professional communications skills.
•    In your comprehensive examination, you must demonstrate that you are prepared to conduct independent research and present your investigation in a manner appropriate to your profession.
•    In your dissertation, you must demonstrate the ability to conduct sustained independent research and the ability to communicate your findings in a clear, precise, and accurate way that conforms to the highest academic standards.
The professional communication activities are designed to help you develop the communication skills to succeed as an academic and scholar in the first step of your journey towards completing the PhD. We do not expect that you will be perfect after completing Track 1—or even after completing Track 3. But we do expect that you will take these standards seriously and work to develop your skills to the level required of the PhD.
The competencies covered in this unit include the following:
•    Competency 4 - Apply the process and characteristics of critical thinking.
•    Competency 5 - Evaluate the importance and value of a scholarly discourse.
•    Competency 12 - Apply academic communication skills in verbal and written interactions.

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Paper instructions:

Final Essay: Morality

Format: 6-8 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins, numbered pages, information at the top of the first page as it appears on this page, add a title to your essay that is relevant to your paper (Final Essay is not an acceptable title), use spell check and grammar check to make sure that your writing is as polished as possible, use direct quotations with parenthetical references in proper MLA format, and attach a Works Cited page in proper MLA format at the end of your paper.

Essay Questions (be sure to address both questions within your paper): In what ways is the issue of morality at stake in both Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness?  How might those 2 texts be connected in relation to the theme of morality, and what is the significance of that connection?

Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness are the only 2 sources that can and must be used for this paper.  You will need to use an effective amount of direct quotations from those 2 texts in order to support the claims that you make in your paper, and they must be cited and documented in correct MLA format.  Be sure to be consistent with your use of direct quotations.  Any claim that you make about a text needs to be supported with a direct quotation from that text.  However, like all papers in this course, this writing project must be primarily based on your own opinions, ideas, and arguments.  And related to that, I don’t want you just regurgitating the issues that we discussed in class.  I welcome you to build on the issues that we covered, but be sure that you go far beyond what we discussed in class in terms of this essay and what you discuss in your paper.  Please also keep in mind the context and purpose of this assignment.  It is not a personal essay, and it is not a critical response paper.  That implies that the personal pronoun ‘I’ will not be used in this essay, as this is more of an academic assignment.  Also, be sure to avoid the use of contractions, and use language and academic conventions appropriate for a formal essay.  Again, this paper should be based on your own opinions, ideas, and arguments, but those fundamental aspects should be effectively presented within an academic essay.  As has been discussed in class, don’t just restate the essay topic as your central argument/thesis.  Your central argument/thesis needs to go beyond the essay topic, and you must craft a more specific approach and central argument/thesis within those more broad essay questions.  It’s not just about making connections between the texts within the scope of an answer to the essay questions—although that approach would at least be a good place to start when attempting to generate a more specific paper topic for this assignment—but it is also about what you do with those connections in relation to their significance, and how you discuss them within a more specific argument that addresses the essay questions.  So be mindful of these issues as you prepare for and execute this assignment.

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At the end of Book 2, Socrates argues that there cannot be a chaotic or evil God which everyone could use as an ideal. book 2 of The Republic; paper should discuss how, for Plato, knowledge is power

The Republic begins with Socrates attempting to persuade his interlocutors to release him.  Implicit in Socrates’s response is the idea that the meaning of words refers to a truer and/or better way of acting.  Also, it implies that rational persuasion should have the power to compel someone to resist their fleeting, egoistical, and base desires.  Explain how Plato understands the problem of (rational) persuasion and how he develops his philosophy to overcome the problem.  Do you believe he is successful?

You should structure your paper to discuss how, for Plato, knowledge is power.  Here are some possible sections of The Republic that express this point (You may want to use the other dialogues as well to support your analysis)

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In this deliverable, you will develop a step-by-step tutorial for the digital tool you chose to investigate in the previous deliverable. The tutorial will have at least the following three sections, in addition to other information you may want to include.

About the Tool

This is the introduction section where you need to describe what the tool is about and what it is used for (approximately 75-150 words.) Make sure to include a link to the tool in this section, along with a logo.

Using the Tool

This is the part where you walk your audience through a step-by-step tutorial demonstrating how the tool can be used.

Please refer to the tutorials available at the end of your online textbook posted on Blackboard. The tutorial on Gephi (available on page 98) is an especially good example of what this tutorial should look like. In this section, you will want to include screenshots along with step-by-step instructions.

There is no exact word limit for the tutorial, but it will probably take multiple pages given the screenshots and step-by-step instructions you should include. Keep in mind that you are introducing the tool to someone who has not used it before, so include as much information as possible to help a novice user understand how to use the tool. Please also keep in mind that you cannot possibly cover everything in a tutorial like this; just focus on the key features that are essential to understanding how to use the tool and getting started with it. Advanced tutorials are out of the scope of this assignment

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What areThe effects of Human Overpopulation and Consumption?

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The Project Paper focuses on a suggested topic related to art, architecture, history, music, or literature. The project will reflect your views and interpretation of the topic. This project is designed to help you stretch your mind and your abilities to be the creative, innovative, and critical thinker you already are!  

Choose one (1) of the topics from the list of topic choices below. Read the topic carefully. Write a three to four (3-4) page paper (750-1,000 words) that responds to each of the items described in the topic. 

For the topic you choose:

Support your ideas with specific, illustrative examples. If there are questions or points associated with your chosen topic, be sure to answer all of the listed questions and address all of the items in that topic. If your topic asks you to do several things related to the topic, be sure to do each of the things listed.
The listed topics each have a certain writing genre with it (written speech, memo, poem with essay, scripted dialogue, etc). From this you can see that there is a fun, creative writing aspect to this assignment. In most cases students should stick with the genre as listed. However, your instructor might suggest some alternative genre on one of the topics. As a student, you also can propose to your instructor some alternative genre for the topic you choose—something different from what is listed. Since not all such proposals can work, be aware that your proposal will get consideration, but may or may not be approved. Also, if you make such a proposal, please do so before the end of Week 5.
Use at least three (3) good quality academic sources, with one (1) source being the class text.
Note: Wikipedia and other similar Websites do not qualify as academic resources. You are highly encouraged to use the Resource Center tab at the top of your Blackboard page. 

Harlem Renaissance Poets. Essay & Poem. Choose two (2) poems by different authors from the Harlem Renaissance. Write an essay that: 
Describes each author’s role and importance within the Harlem Renaissance. 
Identify the elements in each of their poems in which you see evidence of the “double-consciousness” being expressed by each author. 
Fully describe at least two (2) primary themes you see in the poetry written during this time period, referring to specific lines in each of the poems. 
Write your own poem that expresses these identified themes of the Harlem Renaissance

The Project Paper will be graded on:

The level to which the instructions were followed.
The extent to which all four (4) parts in the topic were addressed.
The adequacy of information, examples, and details which support the general claim or main  idea.
The clarity and relevance of the explanations and descriptions.
Adherence to standard rules of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
The inclusion of three (3) required references (two [2] additional sources besides your textbook) documented using APA style.
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA Style format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions specific to the selected topic. (Note: Students can find APA style materials located in the Additional Resources section of their Student Center within their course shell for reference)
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length. 
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Explain how key social, cultural, and artistic contributions contribute to historical changes.
Explain the importance of situating a society’s cultural and artistic expressions within a historical context. 
Examine the influences of intellectual, religious, political, and socio-economic forces on social, cultural, and artistic expressions. 
Identify major historical developments in world cultures from the Renaissance to the contemporary period.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in the study of world cultures.
Write clearly and concisely about world cultures using proper writing mechanics.
Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using the following rubric found here.

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Strategy in action

Porter’s characteristics are those factors used by managers in order to ensure healthy competition. Interfirm rivalry is extent of competition between different companies (Markman et al, 79). Different companies compete in order to ensure that profit is maintained through encouraging more customers. Healthy competition ensures that firms are able to remain efficient in the market and they are able to produce quality products for the customers. Rogers Chocolate industry faces interfirm rivalry from its major competitors. The brand image of the company is not liked by customers outside Victoria. This makes Rogers Company remain disadvantaged over its competitors since it still uses its traditional brand image. Changing the brand image is one if the measures which will enable the company to have a healthy competition with other chocolate companies in the market. Rogers’s Company manager is willing to ensure growth in the company through changing the organizational culture of the company. The board of directors and employees should remain dynamic to these changes if success is to be achieved in order Rogers Company to outshine its competitors (Zietsma, 12). According to Zietsma (2007), the company should accept the risks that occur after change is brought in a company. Conflict between managers in the company has resulted to unhealthy competition therefore managers should work together towards achievement of the company. Healthy competition entails use of strategies which will ensure success and outshining of the other competitors. Good and affordable prices also encourage good competition thus prices should be moderated and low in order to attract customers. The power of buyers is one of the porter’s characteristics which should not be ignored. The company should ensure that its prices are affordable to its targeted customers and this will ensure success.

Rogers’s major competitors have good brand image as a strength thereby remaining ahead of Rogers which uses traditional brand image. Their prices are relatively low and affordable to all type of customers unlike Rogers whose prices are relatively higher. Other competitors use online business which is a modern type of business and thus ahead of Rogers. Rogers’s managers are encouraging use of online business in order to ensure healthy competition between other companies in the market (Zietsma, 11). Unlike other competitors Rogers serves its customers with a sugar free chocolate which ensured it remained popular among its customers thus being strength in the company which enabled it remain successful in the market. Rogers should therefore produce more unique products for it to remain successful in the market. Exceptional and quality modern goods will not only maintain its popular customers but attract more customers as well. In order to ensure healthy competition the company should manufacture more products in order to extend its product line. Leadership is a key factor in ensuring success thus Rogers Company should encourage good and efficient leadership if success is to be achieved. Qualified and successful leaders promote success in the organization. Advertising is one of the factors that promote success in a company thus Rogers uses advertising as one of the means to reach customers. Major competitors use television as one of their main advertising agent (Zietsma, 8). Rogers use television as a minor advertising agent thus is not able to reach most people since most people use televisions in Victoria. Thus Rogers should use television advertisement and radio advertisement for it to reach most of the people. Thus competition should remain healthy in a company if success is to be achieved.

Work cited

Markman, Gideon, and Phillip H. Phan. The Competitive Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Market  Entry. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Pub, 2011. Internet resource.

Zietsma. C (2007) Rogers Chocolate (A)



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  The Chariot

‘The chariot’ by Emily Dickinson is one of the poems, which shows how pronouns are misinterpreted. She uses the word ‘he’ to show that someone can stand her. People might misinterpret the pronoun ‘he’ to mean death will stop for her since she cannot stop for it. Death cannot be replaced with a pronoun ‘he’ (Dickinson, 1892). He is used to show that someone else can die on her behalf. She is not ready to die thus someone can stop death by dying on her behalf. She says that since someone died on her behalf she was able to view many different things in the world. Death is something natural and occurs without timing. One does not choose the day to die. Death comes for someone and thus one cannot prevent death. Emily travelled far since she was not ready to die.

The pronoun he can is misunderstood here since people interpret as death. The pronoun for death is rather the word ‘it’. The chariot is an alternative to death. One can travel upwards using a chariot. The poet prefers the chariot rather than death. The chariot took her to many places where death would have let her be. She wished for someone else to pass through death (Dickinson, 1892). Pronouns used by poets can at times confuse people who tend to misinterpret them. One should read and interpret the pronouns and nouns correctly. The poet in her writings has used many nouns and pronouns, which are commonly misinterpreted by people (Dickinson, 1892). People should be careful while reading the poems in order to avoid misinterpreting and misunderstanding the intended meaning. Pronouns make the poem more interesting. Thus, in ‘the chariot’, the pronoun he has been used and should be interpreted correctly to stand for a person who saves the poet from death.



Dickinson, E. (1892). Poems. Boston: Roberts Brothers.


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 Hardships in modern society


The modern society is made of different types of people. Students work hard in school and upon graduation they look out for jobs in order to sustain themselves. People undergo different struggles in life for one to eventually succeed. The essay focuses on different types of people, struggles they undergo and lives people live under harsh economic environments in the modern society.

‘It's not about you’ by Brooks shows the importance of American graduates who are fresh, with new skills, abilities and different talents. This year the graduates are ruined by elders in the bad society who mislead them instead of utilizing their fresh skills and talents. The graduates are misled at their youthful ages while they have had a monitored early childhood. Unlike the previous generation, the society ensures that the graduates search for jobs instead of settling down (Brooks, 2011). They move to several jobs in search of greener pastures. The graduates are set out on their own since the white’s culture focuses on individualism. The society and elders are seen to mislead the young people at their age since most of them are not yet mature enough to make responsible decisions. Problems have made young people remain successful by learning from those problems.

‘If we could see inside other people's hearts’ is a video which shows how people struggle in life in order to gain success. Most people who suffer eventually are successful. It shows that different people have different problems in life (Vimeo, n.d). The video is mostly set in the hospital where sadness is the main theme. People in hospital are sad but happy at times which shows that at the end of every problem, one is always happy. Some people and things make others who are sad happy (Vimeo, n.d). People should not despise others because of the problems they face. One may not face the problem right away but eventually everybody suffers sad moments in life. Animals can be used to make people happy. People keep pets such as dogs to brighten them during their dark and dull moments. It is important that people should make others happy instead of making them sad.

The 'take care of me' society is wrecking the USA is an article by Mackey which tells us the ways in which people work hard in order to enroll in good schools and later become successful (Mackey, 2012). It shows ways in which after attaining a good job, one should be loyal to the country by paying taxes. The modern society instead of making young employees productive it ends up making them unproductive through imposing heavy taxes on them thus ruining their careers and future (Mackey, 2012). On working hard and achieving success, graduates are frustrated with the harsh treatment by the modern society. Their success is ruined and their future is interfered. Many people suffer out of mistakes they did not do. They suffers has a result of other greedy people in the society who are claiming to help them. The economic condition in American society is declining which brings suffering to the middle and low class people.

‘More young people are moving away from religion, but why?’ is an article giving reasons why many people do not believe in religion. Youths believe that there is no God since they are faced with many problems in life. They consider religion as a contributing factor to more problems like deaths in the society. Most young people believe that religion has got no answers to most questions as it is perceived to have (NPR, 2013). Most youths consider religion as a man made institution which confuses people since one is forced to have faith and belief in a supernatural power. Religion is blamed for causing misfortunes and economic declines in the American society thus most people do not believe in it.

‘America's 'me' society’ is an article by Olson shows ways in which American society is unable to solve its natural disasters as compared to other nations who suffer similar disasters. Unlike in Japan where community works together, individualism is mostly experienced in American even in times of crisis. American culture is based on an individual which is a negative attitude since people should remain united in order to make the community better (Olson, 2011). The media is able to show effects of American individual culture since most people suffer from the negative culture. Individualism has caused many problems and deaths in America since people are not ready to help even in a natural disaster. Japan on the other hand has achieved since people are united and help each other during disasters.

‘Please read this story, thank you’ is an article by Weeks showing ways in which the modern society lacks etiquette in communication. Traditionally people were humble and polite in their communication which is different in this modern society (Weeks, n.d.). Children have also adapted the impolite language used by their elders in the modern society which shows that the community is becoming corrupt in its moral values. People in modern society are rude thus people have adapted to rude phrases and perceive that as normal polite phrases. It is sad to know that the modern society has brought negative influence to the young generation instead of being helpful.


From the above point of view people should save money for future purposes instead of spending on less important things. One cannot tell the problems of the other person thus helping is the key theme to achieving success. Individual success is a beneficial to the society unlike in America where success belongs to one individual.

Article name: Brooks, D. (2011, May 30). It's not about you. The New York Times

The article describes the modern society and ways in which modern graduates are treated by elders in the American community. It outlines hardships young graduates go through as they try to look for jobs in the harsh environment. Individualism is the main theme in the culture. Graduates are left on their own to look for jobs that suit them instead of being guided to follow the right paths. Most young graduates spend much time without realizing the type of job best suited to them. The elders mislead graduates since they advise them to remain as individuals instead of helping them and guiding them since they are not yet mature enough to make their own decisions which will affect the future. The students are taught skills in school but set out to a more complex environment on their own without being guided on ways of making the skills helpful. Successful students make serious decisions in life and are committed to their activities. The young people are able to turn out their problems in to success since the society is not ready to assist them. Instead the society focuses on individualism which is not helpful to the young graduates. People should discover themselves and should remain committed to achieve success. The essay discusses ways in which the modern society has caused hardships in lives of many young people. The culture of Americans is a hindering factor to success of both individuals and the society. Many people remain successful due to guidance from elders and support by the community which is different in America.

Article title: Weeks, L. (n.d.). Please read this story, thank you

The article describes ways in which the modern society has changed in terms of language used. All people in different institutions are using impolite language and have forgotten the meaning of etiquette. Most young people have learnt this impolite language from their elders. Most shops and other institutions in America fail to meet the required customer care services. Everybody serves themselves which shows rudeness is experienced in most shops and offices. People make phone calls when serving others. This is rude and unethical. The modern society has outdone the traditional culture where people used polite words for example, please, excuse me, thank you and many other courteous words when addressing people. Most people in America are growing to be ruder thereby influencing even the young generation. Margaret Lacey on the other hand says that people are polite even without following the traditional culture. She says that most people in South Carolina are more courteous yet they are modern and civilized. Senning is another person who says that etiquette goes hand in hand with good manners and principles. Respect and remaining honest are key principles which show that one is courteous. Manners as she says are not constant and keep changing depending on different times and cultures. People often make demands instead of making requests. Interaction process involves making requests, remaining honest and respectful. When somebody does a good thing one should be appreciated. When one commits mistakes they should be corrected in a good manner. Greetings are signs of respect. When somebody meets someone first they should greet them as a sign of respect which is not common in the modern society.

Article title: Olson, C. (2011, March 30). America's 'me' society

This article shows that Americans unlike Japanese are unable to cooperate and solve disasters such as tsunami. In Japan, the less affected people help the affected people by the disaster by giving them food, shelter and proving them with medical care. People are united in times of problems thus problems affect them less severely. In United States it is different since individualism is their culture even in times of problems. Americans do not have a sharing and welcoming spirit. Most Sudanese in America say that Americans have not yet accepted them in their society. Americans follow the culture of individualism which is a negative way of living. People should remain united in order to tackle problems together and ensure they are successful. People should help those in need and should be welcoming to visitors. Americans still practice racial profiling and discrimination. They spread this negative culture even among young Americans. Young Americans are not able to remain helpful to other children who are not from their race and social class. Japanese are helpful people on the other hand which is portrayed by their government too. Their leaders emphasize on unity and respect for all people regardless of gender and race. People should remain helpful in life by sharing and giving to those people who are lacking. Success of one individual should mean success to the community. People should remain committed and in unity in order to be helpful to the society. Americans should emulate the Japanese culture instead of focusing on individualism. Individualism brings failure and problems instead of bringing success to the people. Unity is the key to success.








Brooks, D. (2011, May 30). It's not about you. The New York Times. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from;

If we could see inside other people's hearts. (n.d.). Vimeo. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from;   

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More young people are moving away from religion, but why?. (2013, January 15). NPR.   Retrieved February 22, 2014, from; young-people-are-moving-away-from-religion-but-why

Olson, C. (2011, March 30). America's 'me' society. - Retrieved February 22, 2014, from;
Weeks, L. (n.d.). Please read this story, thank you. NPR. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from;   

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Invisible Man Essay

“Invisible man” is a novel by Ralph Ellison where he introduces an “invisible man” to his readers. There are many events which make the narrator proclaim himself as an invisible man. The narrator who is naïve in nature does not even have an original identity. He decides to assume his identity to be the Harlem city as he changes his identities to adapt to the new environments. Diversity should be encouraged in the society as shown by the narrator as he interchanges identities to fit to new places. People can be transformed to new cultures and identities just like the narrator does. Every new identity the narrator involves himself in is seen as an advantage and development to the society. Unlike the past, the current America is full of negatives and evils that do not favor change of identities and diversity. Ellison shows how in the past the community was ready to be adaptive to different developments and cultural diversities. Ellison shows how racism has intensified in America giving no chance to cultural diversity. Racism and racial discrimination are they key factors portrayed in Ellison’s novel (Ellison 567). He is keen to show how racism ha brought negative effects to the people who are viewed as inferior people. Racism from the novel led to realization of the true identity of the invisible man. Racism interferes with people’s way of life. Brotherhood enables the invisible man realize his true identity since racism is intensifying in the community. The invisible man believes that the Brotherhood Organization will enable him fight for the rights of those who face racism and racial profiling. Contrary to his thought he later realizes that the organization is only using him as a "token black man" (Ellison 567) to accomplish their scheme.

The invisibility of the narrator is not a physical invisibility but is caused by the public who do not see his role as a black individual. The narrator says that his invisibility has enabled him steal electricity as well as hide from the community. He hides himself in order to write to people and inform them his story and way he has been living invisible. The narrator is a talented pubic speaker and is invited to address a group of whites. The whites reward him after humiliating him and later giving him a scholarship to attend a Blacks college. This is a sign that racism is well portrayed in the community which is a bad way of life. He is involved in a royal battle together with other Blacks where they fight when blindfolded. After that fight they are made to scramble for fake gold currency by the whites. The narrator is not able to sleep that night as he reads his scholarship papers which are written “To Whom It May Concern . . . Keep This Nigger-Boy Running.” (Ellison 577) This shows how the Blacks are despised by whites and are undermined because of their color proving that racism has increased in the American society. The narrator is made realize that racism is increasing by one veteran thereby opening his eyes since he has been blind for that long. This happens when chaos occur at the blacks hotel where the narrator had taken a trustee, Norton, to have a drink. Racism still continue especially when the school president Dr. Bledsoe rebukes the narrator because of Norton saying that he should have taught the trustee about black way of life (Ellison 578). This makes him get expelled from school with several recommendation letters after which he is sent to New York to search a job in those companies belonging to the whites.

He unsuccessful gets a job in Harlem even after searching for it severally. At one of the trustees company he meets a son of Emerson who is kind enough to inform him that the letters are betrayal in nature. He tells that the recommendation letters describes him as a dishonest and unreliable man which has contributed to his lack of jobs. The son of Emerson helps the narrator get a low paying job since he is black and has not even completed his studies which are cut short by Dr. Bledsoe. He works under his black boss named Lucius Brockway who suspects him of being involved the union’s actions. The two blacks end up fighting forgetting their crucial work leading to explosion from the unattended tanks. The narrator suffers much and is left unconscious after being knocked down. The narrator later finds himself in hospital belonging to the paints company and realizes he has lost his memory and is not able to speak (Ellison 578). The doctors find it a good opportunity to perform experiments with this unidentified black patient. He recovers and is discharged from hospital but unfortunately he falls unconscious again in the streets. He is taken by kind blacks to hospital after which he is falls in hands of a kind woman who lives with him in Harlem (Bloom 221). He is courageous enough to give a speech against eviction of a black couple in the Harlem apartments. This makes him get an offer at the brotherhood by Brother Jack. Brotherhood is an organization which aims at assisting those who are assaulted socially. He accepts the offer in order to pay Mary for being generous and kind to him during his illness.

The narrator accepts the demands of brotherhood and is able to meet Tod Clifton who is a youthful leader. He is able to know a certain black nationalist named Ras the Exhorter who supports the ideas that blacks should fight for their rights and do away with racism. He says that African Americans should fight for social equality since they are equal with the whites who practice racism. This shows that he has been invisible for along time and needs to become visible in order to make the community progress. He is accused of taking brotherhood issues personal since the organization is not really supporting the narrator’s visibility. They aim at making him more invisible which he realizes (Ellison 558). The narrator becomes visible when he realizes that brotherhood is betraying him and other black people. He had remained invisible all this long and is surprised when Clifton is shot by white policemen accusing him of selling things without permit. The narrator wants to revenge and now realizes that brotherhood is a political movement which does not help black people. He seduces a woman who is related to the movement’s leadership but is unlucky since the woman does not know much about brotherhood which is his aim. Ras has incited a group of people to cause riots and the narrator arrives there moments after being called. Ras and other white’s police officers are chasing him (Bloom 221) but unfortunately he falls in to a hole. The narrator was and is still in that manhole from the beginning to the end of the story. He has now realized the importance of sticking to his identity and fighting for his rights and his people’s rights.








Works cited

Bloom, Harold. Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. New York: Bloom's Literary Criticism, 2009. Internet resource.

Ellison, Ralph. Invisible Man. New York: Vintage International, 1995. Internet resource.



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