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Paper Instructions:

Write an argumentative essay on Death Penalty

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The Fault in our Stars (Why Hazel is the perfect lover)

Paper instructions:

This essay is on a book (The fault in our stars) my thesis is on why Hazel is the perfect lover. The essay must be 5 paragraphs long, the first including the thesis introduction the three character traits (kindness, caring and loving) and each body paragraph is one of the character traits with two quotations from the text supporting the traits. the final paragraph is where you restate the thesis and character traits and sum everything up.

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Paper Instructions:

Compare and Contrast essay on Childhood Essay

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Paper Instructions:

All I need is 1 paragraphs for each prompt answering with textual quote support

Prompt 1:
    In Oceania, citizens lack privacy, have little control over their daily lives, and learn only the information that the Party chooses to tell them. Today, by contrast, information flows freely through many forms of media. People can look up any topic at any time and read about it. Through various social network sites and through phone and text messages, people have never been so connected.
However, the power of media can work against people as well as for them. Consider these points:
•    Is all information true and accurate, or do some sources obscure truth and mislead readers?
•    What are the potential abuses of constant connectedness?
•    How might the screens, large and small, that surround us be used against us? 
•    Under what circumstances might our “information society” fall into the hands of a powerful but ill-intentioned group of leaders? 
Discuss the abuses of information and privacy in 1984 and the possibility of such abuses occurring today. Use information from the novel to support your ideas.

Prompt 2:
    Consider the individuals in George Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant” and Doris Lessing’s “No Witchcraft for Sale” who are essentially powerless in their respective societies. How do these individuals behave? What do they do to those who have power in their societies? Why do these people act as they do, and what does their behavior demonstrate about imperialism as a political and social ideology? Use examples from the works you have read in your response.

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Paper Instructions:

The purpose of this assignment is to write a research essay demonstrating accurate documentation using the MLA system. Correct use of MLA is worth HALF of your grade. Failure to use MLA correctly will result in a failing grade, despite any other strengths of your paper. Paper copies of all sources must accompany the research paper. Without these, I will not mark your paper.  

Using the Seneca Library system, find TWO research sources (books, magazines, newspapers, journals, etc.) to answer ONE of the following questions. You need to print or photocopy your sources in full. Each source should not exceed 10 pages (when using a book, choose a chapter).

1.    Read “Driving in Circles” by Lee Gomes found on Blackboard in Supportive Documents. Do you agree or disagree with Gomes’ thesis? Find two sources that support your point of view and write a 750 word essay defending your position. Include a full Works Cited page and hard copies of your research with cited portions hi-lighted.

2.    Read “Why It’s Time to Give Children the Right to Vote” by Joshua Gans found on Blackboard in Supportive Documents. Do you agree or disagree with Gans’ thesis? Find two sources that support your point of view and write a 750 word essay defending your position. Include a full Works Cited page and hard copies of your research with cited portions hi-lighted.

have to have 
•    Start a new page for your "Works Cited" list
•    Double-space the ENTIRE list both between and within entries.
•    Start the first line of each citation at the left margin. Indent each subsequent line using the ruler at the top of your word processor window
•    Put your list in alphabetical order by last name.
•    Capitalize the first, last and all main words in a title or subtitle. 
•    Italicize the titles of complete works
•    Place quotation marks around the titles of parts of works
•    Provide the format of the source (Print, Web, DVD, CD, PDF file, etc.) for all citations.

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Paper Instructions:

Create a list of alternatives to the traditional downsizing activities that commonly occur each economic downturn.  Clearly explain and justify why these alternatives are better than cutting jobs/people...


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Paper Instructions:


D17: An Editorial – Part 1: Summarize and Critique  
Actions for D17: An Editorial – Part 1: Summarize and Critique  
Locate an online version of a national or local newspaper and review recent editorials. (Read Part 2 before selecting an editorial; you may use the same editorial for both assignments.) A blog is not an acceptable source for this assignment. Your posting should include the following parts:
a) Summary paragraph: Identify the author and title of the article in one sentence. In your own words, state the author's opinion (main point) on the issue. Explain how the writer defines or explains the issue in support of his or her main point.
b) Critique: Compare and contrast your opinion on the issue with the author's position. Support your ideas with analysis, reasons, and evidence. An effective way to do this is to cite evidence which supports your reasoning. Use in-text citations to document paraphrased and quoted passages from your editorial in MLA format.
c) Works Cited Citation: At the end of your posting, type a correctly formatted reference citation for the editorial used in your posting.
[125 – 150 words; 20 points]

D18: An Editorial – Part 2: Logical Errors  
Actions for D18: An Editorial – Part 2: Logical Errors  
Locate an online version of a national or local newspaper and review recent editorials. Find one that includes logic errors. Identify passages where there are hasty generalizations, anecdotal evidence, faulty comparisons circular reasoning, or false authorities. Be highly specific in your analysis of the problems associated with these statements and/or premises. No citation is required. [150 – 200 words; 25 points]

D19: Advantages and Disadvantages of Persuasive Appeals 
Actions for D19: Advantages and Disadvantages of Persuasive Appeals  
Select two (2) of the following ten (10) writing situations and give examples of the best persuasive appeal or appeals. Note the advantage(s) and disadvantage(s) of each appeal as applied to the hypothetical situation.
1. A fund-raising brochure for a day care center to be distributed in a church, synagogues, or mosque.
2. An announcement encouraging students to avoid binge drinking.
3. A congressional candidate's letter to voters advocating privatizing Social Security.
4. A school board's letter urging parents to attend parent-teacher meetings.
5. The text of a public service announcement reminding people to vote.
6. A clergy member's appeal to his or her congregation to donate money to victims of a natural disaster.
7. A scientist's statement to Congress urging further funds for genetic research.
8. A homeowner's appeal to an alderman for street repairs in his or her neighborhood.
9. An automobile manufacturer's letter to car owners explaining the need for a recall to repair an engine defect.
10. An environmental group's letter requesting that the city cease using lawn chemicals in public parks.
[200 - 250 words; 20 points]

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Paper Instructions

Write an argumentative essay about debate on legal status of Marijuana in the State of Florida

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer
Paper Instructions:

Prompt: How do we solve the problem of hoarding in a culture that is founded on the belief in rewarding with “stuff”?

Write an essay which has a minimum of 5 paragraphs [introduction, body, and conclusion which contain at least 6 sentences per paragraph.  Provide supporting ideas from the posted reading, videos, and pre-existing knowledge or experience with the topic.

Provide in-text citations for outside sources used to support your discussion.

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer
Paper instructions:

Junior level engineering major research paper.
The essay should contain introduction part, problem statement part, object part, solution part, method part, schedule part, cost and resource part,  and conclusion part.
At least use 4 academic resources.
I attached the example of other student's research paper.
And I already have a proposal for this essay. You need to follow this proposal.


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Questions We Can Help You To Answer
Paper Instructions:

Argue against the continued use of plastic packaging

Dhaliwal, H., Browne, M., Flanagan, W., Laurin, L., & Hamilton, M. (2014). A life cycle assessment of packaging options for contrast media delivery: Comparing polymer bottle vs. glass bottle. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 19(12), 1965-1973.

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Questions We Can Help You To Answer
Paper Instructions:

Current Event Reports from

I feel it is very important to know what is going on in the world in order to be a fully informed, responsible citizen.  In order to further guide your knowledge about what is happening on our planet (country, state, city) you may choose to complete additional research on current events.

Here are the requirements:

1. You must complete your research on It is one of the most reliable news sources on current world events.

2. You must find one article on and read it. Then you must write one paragraph on each of the topics:

      a. An objective summary of the article  

      b. Your opinion on the issue  

      c. A feasible solution to the problem

      Altogether you will have 3 paragraphs on the article you choose to review. The article review must be at least 1 page to be considered complete.

3. The article you choose must be on a current event of national or global importance. The recent film festivals and celebrity gossip DO NOT qualify. I expect serious issues.

4. Also, you must provide the link, so I can read the article for myself.

5.  must be submitted in MLA format.


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Paper Instructions:

For paper 3 I want you to practice patterns used in more formal academic writing.  You have a choice to compare and/or contrast or to analyze a play we have read, or write about a live performance (get my approval).

In comparing, concentrate on similarities, and in contrasting on differences within or between works that intersect in a significant way.  You may discuss two works by the same author (if you are familiar with something else), works with the same theme or subject matter, similar techniques or symbols, two interpretations, or a play in relation to something historical or something you have learned elsewhere.  There are two common patterns for organizing this type of paper:
              Intro                                                                      Intro
thesis states subject and approach                  thesis states subject and approach

  Paragraph(s) about work 1.                      Paragraph about point or aspect 1 with 
                    Examples from work 1, 2, etc.
Paragraph(s) about work 2    
                                                                    Paragraph about point 2 with ex. 1,2, etc.
  Conclusion about the 2 works                                                                                              
                                                                    Paragraph about point 3 with ex. From 1,2, etc.
                                                                                Conclusion about 1&2
Some possible subjects could be:
    •    A definition of comedy or tragedy and how the play fits it
    •    Women’s issues in several plays
    •    Male and female characters, views, gender roles
    •    Attitudes now and then
    •    Torvold and Oedipus, Nora and other women
    •    Ideas about what is right within a play or among the selections
    •    Much Ado About Nothing—the couples, before and after, appearance and reality
Analysis looks at how an element in a play works and relates to the whole; for instance, how foreshadowing is use or symbolism or irony or stage directions.  You separate a part and discuss how it is sued sequential and relate this to the theme or effect of the entire work.  Possible subjects might be:
    •    How ----develops as a hero
    •    How the trifles lead to a conclusion
    •    How foreshadowing prepares us for the ending
    •    How your attitude changes during the play
    •    How the doll metaphor or deception is used
    •    How typical tragic or comic elements are used
See and write about a live performance.

DON’T FORGET TO BEGIN WORK ON YOUR RESEARCH PAPER and show me what you have done either before or after class or during office hours.


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